Related break-ins on O Street

October 2, 2008

On Sunday at about 5:30 p.m., an unidentified male broke into the first and second stories of a townhouse apartment on 36th and O Streets.

“[He] opened the kitchen door when I was in the kitchen cleaning and I sort of caught the door while it was opening,” Emily Cofsky (COL ’10), a resident of the first floor apartment, said. “He said ‘Oh I’m sorry, must have the wrong house.’ I said ‘Oh—it’s okay,’ and he left. “

Cofsky, who said the intruder was a stocky black male wearing blue jeans and a long sleeve shirt under a black t-shirt, and carrying a shopping bag, called the Department of Public Safety immediately after the intrusion.

Neither DPS nor officers of the Metropolitan Police Department found the suspect, who drove away from the apartment in a blue minivan, according to a DPS Public Safety Alert.

According to the same PSA, an unidentified male entered the apartment directly above Cofsky’s approximately two hours later. Although DPS did not confirm the intruders were the same, this suspect also replied, “Oops, wrong house,” when confronted by a resident, who described him as wearing similar attire.

Cofsky was pleased by the responses of DPS and MPD

“I think there are a lot of crazy people everywhere... It’s really our responsibility to lock our doors,” Cofsky said.

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