Lillian Kaiser


The arts at Georgetown: a work in progress

I almost didn’t come to Georgetown because I thought the arts program was so bad. In my family, art was more important than friends, schoolwork, and sometimes physical health. After I finished my freshman year of high school with a very strong GPA, my mother took me aside with a worried look and asked me, “But what are you doing to be creative?”


Diversity Initiative addresses admissions

The working group formed to increase attentiveness to diversity issues in Georgetown’s admissions process revealed a draft of its extensive recommendations to the University in a broadcast e-mail last Tuesday.


Saxa Politica: Ten years with no new housing?

In March 2009, when the University met with the surrounding community to discuss Georgetown’s Campus Plan, University Architect Alan Brangman had drawn up plans that included space for 200-800 more... Read more


New DPS officer to combat hate crimes

The Department of Public Safety has assigned a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Liaison Officer to combat homophobia on campus, according to Associate Director of DPS Joseph Smith. “[Officer... Read more


Saxa Politica: GUSA and SAC: let the games begin

Ask almost any club on campus: funding student activities is a problem. Club Sports scrounges every year to take consistently competitive teams to national tournaments. The free newspapers that used... Read more


GU OpenCourseWare just lifting off

Over the summer, Georgetown made online materials for a handful of courses free to the public as part of the OpenCourseWare movement that grants the public access to syllabi, lectures,... Read more


Saxa Politica: GU’s Woes on the World Wide Web

Georgetown’s Communications Department will take charge of giving the University website a badly-needed update, its first since 2002. The project “will redo the homepage and content found just off of... Read more


4 GUSA seats empty

The Georgetown University Student Association Senate campaigns are well under way, in preparation for elections on October 6, but four of the 25 open seats have attracted no candidates. None... Read more


Saxa Politica: Diversity Initiative a worthy cause

Georgetown students got an e-mail last week with the subject, “EVENT: Diversity Initiative, Town Hall Meeting.” Most of them probably never opened it. It was easy to dismiss the event,... Read more


Diversity groups prepare for town hall

This week, the three working groups created last spring to address diversity issues at Georgetown, collectively called the “Diversity Initiative,” geared up for their first town hall meeting of the... Read more