Lillian Kaiser


Angert at the wheel

Although the GUSA Senate only officially certified the results of the organization’s presidential election this Wednesday evening, newly elected GUSA President Calen Angert (MSB ‘11) says he’s “already getting the ball rolling.” He and his Vice President, Jason Kluger (MSB ’11), have already met with administrators, faculty members, and neighborhood groups to start working toward the goals they outlined in their campaign: mitigating 61D noise complaints, streamlining funding for student programs, and improving campus safety.


Three percent of D.C. HIV positive

15,120 people over the age of 12 in the District of Columbia—3 percent of the city’s total population—are HIV/AIDS positive, according to a study released by the D.C. Department of Health on Monday. D.C.’s HIV rate, which is comparable to that of Uganda and some parts of Kenya, far outpaces the 1 percent infection rate that the Center for Disease Prevention and Control says qualifies as a generalized and severe epidemic.


Tumultuous GUSA race comes to close

After a week and a half of disqualifications, reinstatements, and resignations, students voted in the final run-off between Calen Angert (MSB ’11) and Jeff Lamb (MSB ’10) this Wednesday. The results of the race will not be released until GUSA certifies them on Wednesday, March 18.


GUSA to hold new election

Eight hours before the GUSA presidential election began early Tuesday morning, the Election Commission disqualified two tickets from the race. At approximately 1:30 a.m. on Thursday, that decision was overturned by the Constitutional Council, a three-person board hastily appointed by the GUSA Senate to deal with the controversy. The Council ruled that there should be a new election including the disqualified candidates—Peter Dagher (MSB ’10) and Jeff Lamb (MSB ’10)—on the ballot.


GUSA Senate: the Few, the Proud

"Senate debates are usually controlled by about six people," Johnny Solis (SFS ‘11) said. The five others are members of what Solis only half-jokingly calls "the ‘Bro' clique": not exactly Senate elite, but powerful, vocal senators who often see eye-to-eye.


GUSA Senators M.I.A.

After weeks of struggling to maintain quorum at its meetings, the Georgetown University Student Association Senate will have to replace eight of its chronically absent members and fill one seat that no one ran for in the fall.


Let the GUSA race begin

Eight students are vying for the position of Georgetown University Student Association President this year. A primary will be held February 24 with a run-off between the top two tickets two days later.


Students save Georgetown Day

When Bridget Geraghty (COL ’09) heard from some of her friends who hold high positions in campus clubs that the administration was planning to reschedule Georgetown Day from April 24, the last Friday of classes, to Thursday, April 2, she was angry. So she took her cause to Facebook.


GUSA passes 6 of 8 SCU proposals

The Georgetown University Student Association Senate approved six out of the Student Commission for Unity’s eight proposals designed to address what the commission sees as the University’s diversity problem.


ANC scolds WASA over broken hydrants

Fifty-nine of Georgetown’s 200 fire hydrants need maintenance, according to Louis Jarvis, the Water Services Director for the District of Columbia Water and Sewage Authority, who was called to testify before the Advisory Neighborhood Commission at their meeting on Monday.