Students save Georgetown Day

February 12, 2009

When Bridget Geraghty (COL ’09) heard from some of her friends who hold high positions in campus clubs that the administration was planning to reschedule Georgetown Day from April 24, the last Friday of classes, to Thursday, April 2, she was angry.  So she took her cause to Facebook.

At 11:00 pm on February 9, Ghearty created a Facebook group called “Damn the Man, Save Georgetown Day.” Less than 48 hours later, the group had 2,247 members, more than one third of the undergraduate population.

Yesterday evening, Provost O’Donnell sent out an email to all undergraduate students dispelling the April 2 rumors.

“I’m happy to announce that the Main Campus will celebrate Georgetown Day—the annual celebration of our campus community—on the last Friday of classes, April 24th,” he wrote.

The location of the celebration has not been officially announced, although it has been rumored that it might take place in McDonough Gymnasium, rather than on the Copley and Healey lawns, as in years past.

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