UDC opening community college

January 22, 2009

The University of the District of Columbia, the only public institution of higher education in Washington, plans to open a two-year community college next year.

According to UDC Spokesperson Gustavo Paredes, the goal of creating the community college is to meet the increasing need for remedial courses and vocational training while raising the academic standards of the university.

UDC hopes to open the new community college by September of this year. They have not yet decided on a location, but Paredes said it would need to be close to public transportation and accessible to the broader D.C. population.

UDC is also offering $45,000 severance packages to longtime faculty members in an attempt to rejuvenate the faculty, 70 percent of which has been at UDC for 30 years or more, according to Paredes.

“[It’s about] how we can get fresh vitality, fresh energy,” he said.

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