Wireless coverage unsatisfactory

February 19, 2009

More than 80 percent of students feel “unsatisfied” or “very unsatisfied” with on-campus wireless access, according to a survey conducted by Interhall last semester. Approximately 1,696 students responded to the online survey.

The area in which students were most dissatisfied with wireless service was the residence halls, with 73 percent of students responding as “very unsatisfied,” followed by academic buildings, with 48 percent of students responding as “unsatisfied” or “very unsatisfied.”

According to Thomas Lipinsky (MSB ‘11), Interhall’s Vice President of Student Advocacy, Interhall has presented their data to University Information Services, with whom they hold monthly meetings. Lipinsky said that while UIS has been helpful in working on many less expensive technology-related projects, such as switching student e-mail to Gmail, they have been reluctant to tackle wireless, especially during the current economic crisis, which has caused the University’s endowment to drop by more than 25 percent.

“They’ve been really receptive in terms of smaller projects, things that aren’t cost prohibitive,” Lipinsky said. “I thought it would be like going up against City Hall, but they’ve been great.”

Interhall and UIS plan to host a town-hall meeting in April to unveil their latest projects and solicit more student feedback.

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