Safeway closes

April 23, 2009

Georgetown’s Safeway supermarket on Wisconsin Ave and 34th Street will close for renovations on Sunday, with plans to re-open in March 2010.

During the construction, Safeway will waive its delivery fee for orders placed online.  The minimum charge for delivery is $50, though multiple students can pool separate orders together, according to Craig Muckle, Safeway’s Eastern Division Public Affairs manager.

While specialty stores like Trader Joe’s at 24th and L Street and Whole Foods on Wisconsin Ave at Calvert Street are within walking distance of campus, the nearest supermarkets will be the Safeway on Wilson Boulevard in Rosslyn and Giant on Wisconsin Ave at Macomb Street, which can be reached via the 31, 32, and 36 Metro buses.

Safeway will continue to fill prescriptions at a temporary pharmacy across the street from the supermarket during the renovations. The pharmacy will open on Monday, April 27.

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