Anna Bank


Safeway closes

Georgetown’s Safeway supermarket on Wisconsin Ave and 34th Street will close for renovations on Sunday, with plans to re-open in March 2010. During the construction, Safeway will waive its delivery... Read more


The non-crisis of obscure grad speakers

GW’s got Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel; Stanford’s got Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. NYU will host Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Franklin & Marshall is planning to welcome former Secretary of State Colin Powell. And Arizona State University even managed to net President Barack Obama, despite its absurd refusal to grant him an honorary degree. Meanwhile, we Georgetown students are still waiting to hear who will speak at the Commencements for each of the undergraduate schools this May, and if the last few years are any indication, the speakers addressing the Class of 2009 won’t have nearly the same A-list cred.


Science requirements urged for SFS, MSB

Professors and administrators called for the creation of a science requirement for students in the School of Foreign Service and the McDonough School of Business in a report released this week, while noting that the University’s limited science resources would complicate the implementation of such a requirement.


Students observe El Salvador election

A brutal drama about the assassination of a Latin American priest might not be at the top of most students’ must-watch lists, but for the 10 students who participated in Campus Ministry’s spring break trip to El Salvador, it was riveting.


The “Cuddler” as a joking matter

Though I can’t remember the first time I heard about the assailant who later came to be known as the “Cuddler,” I remember exactly when I heard my first Cuddler joke.


An uncomfortable waltz with Bashir

The Israeli film Waltz with Bashir is up for Best Foreign Film, and betting either for or against it would leave me feeling uneasy.


Marriage is not the bogeyman

My younger brother wishes he could have an arranged marriage.


Bias may have motivated Harbin assault

Georgetown’s Department of Public Safety and Bias Reporting Committee are investigating last week’s assault outside Harbin Hall to determine whether the crime was racially motivated. A separate investigation by the... Read more


A Plebeian Guilt Complex

Susan B. Anthony once said, “If all the rich and all of the church people should send their children to the public schools, they would feel bound to concentrate their money on improving these schools until they met the highest ideals.” Much like the famous suffragette, I used to be a public school diehard who believed that no thinking person could in good conscience attend or send his or her children to a private school, while pretending to care about the quality of public education.


He said, She said, God said?

I didn’t even think of “Lord” as a particularly male word until the first time I heard a rabbi awkwardly trying to cut it out. That’s become the norm these days for reading aloud from a traditional prayer book: convoluted verbal gymnastics and ad-libbed word substitutions that make everyone, reader and listener alike, uncomfortable. Replacing every “He” with “God” sounds like a good idea until you listen to it for thirty seconds—that’s when you realize pronouns are a great invention.