News hit: Campus Plan yet to be filed

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December 9, 2010

With Georgetown’s 2000 Campus Plan set to expire on Dec. 31, negotiations about the controversial 2010 Campus Plan between University officials and neighborhood groups have ceased.

University administrators held “work-sessions” this fall with neighborhood groups, such as the Burleith Citizens’ Association, to discuss the plan, but suspended negotiations after three meetings.

“The University and the neighbors were in agreement that they were not in agreement,” ANC Commissioner Aaron Golds (COL ’11) said.

Georgetown expects to file with the D.C. Office of Planning by Dec. 31. The Office of Planning will make a recommendation to the Zoning Commission, who will hold public hearings.

According to Golds, the BCA has hired lawyers and zoning experts to build a case against the plan.

“Whether the Zoning Commission will listen remains to be seen,” he said.


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