Haute Mess: Gotta get down on Black Friday

In just a few days, the most anticipated day of the shopper’s calendar year is about to arrive: Black Friday! With this most sacred shopping day approaching, we, as your columnists, want to make sure you are well equipped to make the best of those few hours of unparalleled opportunity.

We aren’t telling you to camp out in front of Saks the night before, of course (though we would worship you if you did), but just in case you feel inclined to test your shopper’s stamina, here’s what you should look out for to make an impression at your boyfriend’s Christmas dinner or that oh-so-hot New Year’s fête.

Firstly, the word on the street is that some stores are going to open their doors on the night of Thanksgiving itself. So if you’ve had too much pumpkin pie, get off your ass and get a head start. Remember, it is only once a year that prices are at this all-time low. Girls, this is the only time we will condone athletic wear for uses other than exercise. Black Friday sales get messy, violent, and chaotic. Often times there aren’t fitting rooms available. Our best advice to you is to slip on a pair of black leggings and a tank that will make it easier to try on clothes in front of many preying shoppers.

Now that you’re ready for the game, here are things to keep an eye out for: First, fall designer finds are going to be on sale, so if there’s a pair of statement pumps you’ve been eyeing, or even some high-end boots, be on the lookout! This is a great opportunity to grab something unique and designer that’s been out for just one season (unfortunately classic or iconic pieces are almost never on sale). But Black Friday is also a great time to purchase basics like cashmere sweaters and winter jackets, which often sell for a lot less. And, ladies, if you’ve got that special occasion coming up this holiday season, please do yourself a favor and purchase something sparkly because we want to make sure you stand out!

Gentlemen, grab your workout shoes and head to your favorite store with your eye on the top two winter essentials that will make you the envy of the annual holiday party. This winter, go beyond the traditional oxford button-down with a staple that will make you pop: the bold patterned shirt. Don’t shy away from adding some color to your wardrobe. This article is a great way to get even more inventive with your creation by mixing pattern on pattern.

Despite the countless occasions that we have been told to avoid this fashion faux pas, the time has come to rock your striped button-down with a patterned tie. This rule applies to any and all patterns: checkers, stripes, plaid, and yes, even polka dots. Just make sure to stick with the same color family, violet for example, and this fabulous combination will take you from your family’s Thanksgiving dinner to the New Year’s Eve celebration.

And if your holiday plans involve escorting the Hermione Granger in your life to the Yule Ball, be sure to add a topcoat to complement your formal robes. The topcoat is one of the most versatile garments you can have in your closet, so do choose carefully. A slim, deep charcoal gray that stops right above the knees should do the trick, so be sure to put this staple at the top of your Black Friday shopping list. Although it can be on the pricier side, consider the topcoat a valuable investment that adds volume to any look, whether it is a camel colored turtleneck paired with cobalt corduroys or a dried rose button-down with blue spruce jeans.

This holiday season go out on a limb to try something out of the ordinary and reach for the extraordinary by stretching your style, originality, and creativity to the max.


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