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ABCFamily’s Finales leaves fans wanting more

March 28, 2014

Last Monday ABCFamily shocked and surprised fans with the spring finales of Switched at Birth and The Fosters. Beware the spoilers!

First, many Switched at Birth fans finally got what they have been waiting for since the first season: the reuniting of “Bemmett”, the relationship between main characters, Bay and Emmett. After being suspicious of Emmett’s Internet girlfriend, Mandy, Bay and her current boyfriend, Tank, do some searching and find the girl is actually a cheerleader at a nearby school, not a photographer in Seattle.

Wanting to know more Bay and Tank stake out the girl’s high school where they get into a fight about Tank’s fraternity, again. Tank storms off and Bay is able to confront the girl who has no idea who Emmett is. Turns out, her cousin, Matthew, who Emmett got expelled, was using her photo to catfish Emmett.

Bay attempts to warn Emmett but he doesn’t have his phone and by the time she finds him it’s too late. Matthew videotapes Emmett’s surprise at the prank and they get into a fight, leaving Emmett beaten on the ground. Bay eventually finds him and reveals she always loved him and never stopped. They then kiss and the episode ends as they get really into it in the park.

The finale also left off with Toby leaving for Ice Land to do who knows what and Regina’s shop, K&D, being target by the residents of East Riverside, who resent her for the renovation project she started there when she was working with her former boss, Wes.

On ABCFamily’s other premiere show, The Fosters, everyone was excited for Jude and Callie’s adoption day; however, Callie’s dream is halted when it is discovered the man she thought was her father is not. She therefore does not have the necessary paperwork to be adopted. Jude does, however, and goes through the adoption. Everyone celebrates and it seems the episode may end on a happy note.

 Of course this is not the case. After Brandon leaves to get the rest of his things from his father’s home and he is met by Vic, his former partner in crime, and Vic’s friends who beat Brandon up for telling the principal that Vic helped him make the fake IDs that he confessed to making to protect Callie. The episode ends showing Brandon’s hand/arm being closed on by a car door, insinuating that he won’t be able to play the piano anymore, his true passion.

The show also included many other cliffhangers leaving fans with many questions: does Brandon remember that he slept with his father’s girlfriend, Dani? What is he going to do when he remembers? Also, did Brandon’s father, Mike, kill Jesus and Mariana’s mother, Anna, when he went on his last alcoholic binge?

All will be revealed for both these shows on June 16 when the summer seasons premiere.

Photo: Daniel Varghese/The Georgetown Voice

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