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Let’s go to the Ball: Fashion at Gov Ball

June 11, 2014

With great music festivals come great fashion – there’s just something about festivals that bring about the daring in all most of us. Sure there were a lot of half-naked dudes running around in cargo shorts and bucket hats, and a lot of what can only be described as a festival uniform (crop top, short shorts, floral headband, sunglasses) prevalent at the event, but that’s what you’ll see at any summer concert.

This time at Govball, I decided to photograph outfits that stood out to me. Kind of like a game. Here were the criteria:

1) Visually pleasing

2) No floral headbands (…seriously I have nothing against them outside of a festival setting but when you see a thousand of them in a day you kind of start hating them)

3) Shows thought and effort

And so without further ado, let us commence:

Look #1: Flowers galore

Okay I know I just expressed very anti-flower sentiments just now, but I actually love floral print. Especially recently. Nowadays you see a lot of bold floral prints; no subdued pastels that you’d only pull out for spring, but vibrant, eye-catching flower patterns that pop out. I particularly loved how both of them seemed to match the other. And did I mention the perfect silhouette of that dress on the left? And the contrastingly tough and synthetic footwear? Flower print done right.

Here are two other examples of a good use of flower print:

On the left, a sweet yet funky two-piece flower print ensemble. On the right, a playful daisy print, which worked wonderfully with violet-dyed hair.

Look #2: Vintage and sporty


This outfit-makeup combo was pretty spot-on. The thin red, white, and blue stripes gave off a very playful and nautical vibe. What made it even better, though, was that they came printed on a romper. Not your everyday romper, though. A romper with short-sleeves. Topped off with a cap, the look could be described as boyish if not for the delicate white-and-gold watch and the classic leather satchel. The red lipstick and sunglasses really elevated the outfit to another level, bringing elements of old Hollywood glam and an era long past.

Look #3: Print-happy


Not gonna lie, it was hard to find interesting guy looks at Govball. I did notice that among the well-dressed male population, there was a lot of print action going on. The prints were super fun, be it palm trees, flowers, stars, you name it. Pictured above is a great example: the button down isn’t buttoned all the way up, and the snapback gives the whole look a chilled out attitude.

Again, a button down, but this time buttoned all the way up for a more polished look. The monochrome floral print is an interesting use of color scheme and pattern, while the bright red shorts catch your attention.

Look #4: Monochrome madness

Seeing a fellow Australian from Sydney is always a heartwarming event. Seeing one as well-dressed as this girl is even better. The monochrome ensemble was certainly daring from head to toe.

I really loved the shiny, slippery texture of what looked like pleather running shorts. Platform converses are probably one of the most interesting footwear choices I’ve seen. Combining all black with platinum blonde hair is a yes in my book.

Aaand that concludes a handful of stand-out looks from Govball weekend. To see more photos from the festival, check out this link!

Until next time, Halftime!

Photo: Meredith Peng/The Georgetown Voice



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