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From the Rooftops of Catan

August 27, 2014

Welcome back to Halftime! We’ve got a lot of really fantastic articles, videos, and events planned for you in the coming semester! Speaking of events, come out to Hoya Court this Saturday for Halftime’s first event, Settlers of Catan: The Tournament. We’ll be playing a total of five rounds. The first four of these rounds will be played swiss-style, with no elimination. Players will earn points at the end of each round based on the number of victory points they had at the end of their match. The winner of each board will also receive an extra 2 points.

At the end of the swiss rounds, the four players with the highest number of points will play each other to determine the overall champion of the tournament. The winner of the championship round will win something yet to be determined (don’t worry though, I’ll make sure it’s really cool).

So, if you’re gunning to earn that prize, you had better start getting ready now! Brush up on your game rules, pick your colors, and start blasting your “Catan Pump Up” playlist out the windows of your new apartment/dorm room/townhouse.

What? You don’t have one of those? Well, it’s lucky for you that I’m here! I bring you, a mix of anthemic peppy jamz to get you ready for the throwdown on Saturday. It’s go time, Hoyas. Get ready to settle Catan.

[8tracks url=”http://8tracks.com/drvarg01/from-the-rooftops-of-catan” ]

Photo: Flickr via Eunice

Daniel Varghese
Daniel was an editor at the Voice from December 2013 to November 2016. He loved it. Follow him on Twitter @drvarg01 for his thoughts on Global Health and Kanye West.

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