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The Weekly List(en): Can’t Stop The Chillwave

September 19, 2014

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Whether you’re in the zone at Lau or zoning out back out home, sometimes you just can’t handle lyric-driven music. This eight-song selection of atmospheric electronica (some call it chillstep, chillwave, or trip-hop) is guaranteed to be devoid of any lyrical meaning, opting instead for meditative ambience. Sink into the nearest chair, and enjoy!

Happy Weekend!

Can’t Stop the Chillwave

• Teardrop – Massive Attack

• Start Shootin’ – Little People

• With Me – Cashmere Cat

• Fortune Days – The Glitch Mob

• Obedear – Purity Ring

• Kiss of Light – Unlimited Gravity

• Kids – The New Division

• About You – XXYYXX

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