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Untitled Leisure Project: Dunkirk and Christopher Nolan

On this episode of the Untitled Leisure Project, cinephiles Graham Piro, Mike Bergin, and Noah Buyon discuss Christopher Nolan’s latest film, Dunkirk, and their personal favorites of his ten films to date.

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The Untitled Leisure Project: Doctor Who

In this episode of the Untitled Leisure Project, Graham Piro and Noah Buyon discuss the television series Doctor Who.

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The Untitled Leisure Project: Wonder Woman

In this episode of the Untitled Leisure Project, Graham Piro and Noah Buyon discuss the blockbuster new film Wonder Woman.


Mike Birbiglia reflects on success with Don’t Think Twice

We’re not all successful. We’re not all going to be: not conventionally, at least. “That’s okay,” says Mike Birbiglia (COL ‘00) – comedian, Georgetown alum, and conventionally-successful-person – with his... Read more

Carrying On

Carrying On: Forcing Hate Out Of Our Lives

I can be a bit of a hater. I always have been, and perhaps I always will be. In middle school, I called myself a “nonconformist” (my sole act of... Read more


Critical Voices: Ryan Adams, 1989

It’s fashionable to hate Taylor Swift these days—but Ryan Adams didn’t seem to get the memo. When Adams announced he would cover Swift’s 2014 blockbuster album 1989 in mid-August, many... Read more

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American Ultra Burns Out

I was really looking forward to seeing American Ultra. It was sold to me as “Pineapple Express meets Jason Bourne,” and The New Yorker even lent it a veneer of... Read more


This college student hates clickbait and the reason why will shock you

I’m an avowed news junkie. I spend a perhaps unreasonable portion of my day perusing my favorite online haunt (read: reddit) for stories of interest, bestowing clicks on those with... Read more

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The Weekly List(en): Can’t Stop The Chillwave

[8tracks url=”” width=”500″ height=”500″ ] Whether you’re in the zone at Lau or zoning out back out home, sometimes you just can’t handle lyric-driven music. This eight-song selection of atmospheric... Read more


Four-year housing guaranteed for students with financial need

For Hoyas receiving financial aid, there was a bright spot to be found amid the grime and whine of construction activity that greeted them on campus: GUSA helped secure four... Read more