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Mike Birbiglia reflects on success with <em>Don’t Think Twice</em>

Mike Birbiglia reflects on success with Don’t Think Twice


We’re not all successful. We’re not all going to be: not conventionally, at least. “That’s okay,” says Mike Birbiglia (COL ‘00) – comedian, Georgetown alum, and conventionally-successful-person – with his new movie, Don’t Think Twice. A sendup of “success” and a tender tribute to the ties that bind comedy acts together, Don’t Think Twice chronicles…

Carrying On: Forcing Hate Out Of Our Lives

Carrying On: Forcing Hate Out Of Our Lives


I can be a bit of a hater. I always have been, and perhaps I always will be. In middle school, I called myself a “nonconformist” (my sole act of nonconformity was boycotting Hollister and mocking those who didn’t), and in the future, I’ll probably call myself a “cultural critic,” which will primarily entail me…

Critical Voices: Ryan Adams, 1989

Critical Voices: Ryan Adams, 1989


It’s fashionable to hate Taylor Swift these days—but Ryan Adams didn’t seem to get the memo. When Adams announced he would cover Swift’s 2014 blockbuster album 1989 in mid-August, many disaffected Pitchfork readers welcomed what was sure to be an ironic takedown of the pop idol. But if there’s one thing that can be said…

<i>American Ultra</i> Burns Out

American Ultra Burns Out


I was really looking forward to seeing American Ultra. It was sold to me as “Pineapple Express meets Jason Bourne,” and The New Yorker even lent it a veneer of profundity when film reviewer Richard Brody wrote, “the film’s deepest backstory involves the cruel absurdity of drug laws.” After a long 96 minutes, I left…

The Weekly List(en): Can’t Stop The Chillwave


[8tracks url=”” width=”500″ height=”500″ ] Whether you’re in the zone at Lau or zoning out back out home, sometimes you just can’t handle lyric-driven music. This eight-song selection of atmospheric electronica (some call it chillstep, chillwave, or trip-hop) is guaranteed to be devoid of any lyrical meaning, opting instead for meditative ambience. Sink into the…

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