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Love On The Hilltop: An Unrivaled Camaraderie

February 3, 2015

Photo: Georgetown Voice

Not many Georgetown freshmen room with their best friends from high school, and many that do regret their decision. After all, living in such close quarters with someone can test the durability of a friendship. Fortunately Connor Mayes and Ryan Wall, two freshmen Philadelphia natives in the McDonough School of Business, have had their friendship grow stronger since they became roommates. Connor and Ryan became friends on their first day of 9th grade, when Ryan sat behind Connor in a class. The two formed an instant connection, and after four years of high school they were ecstatic to take their friendship to the next level and become roommates.

When I asked Connor and Ryan if they were worried that rooming together would hurt their friendship, Connor told me that he and Ryan “were good enough friends to know that rooming together would be a fun, healthy environment for the both of us. The opportunity has allowed us to learn more about each other in a way that is not possible when simply taking classes and eating lunch together in high school”. And learn about each other they did. The two cite each other as an integral part of their Georgetown experience. They tutor children together through Hoya Helpers, they go on frequent runs to Roosevelt Island, and they can often be found in Yates engaging in friendly, yet heated basketball matches. Connor told me this friendship with Ryan “has gone from simply asking each other about our days, to asking each other about our lives”. Fellow floormate Kennedy Maker (Col’ 18) compares the two to Sully and Mike from Monsters Inc, saying, “their personalities parallel the personalities of the characters almost perfectly” (with Connor being Mike and Ryan being Sully). Ryan’s high school sweetheart Kay, who is currently attending Penn State, is equally awed by the connection the duo has.  She told Ryan that she didn’t think it was possible to find a closer bond than the one she shared with her roommate, but after witnessing the camaraderie  of the two share she realized that their boyish  revelry rivals no other.

Connor and Ryan have looked out for each other in their time on the Hilltop. Ryan shared with me that “A couple weeks back Connor saw that I was having a rough week, so he left a warm and delicious chocolate chip muffin on my desk. That muffin got me through the week for sure”. Connor notes that one Saturday night when he was so dizzy that he fell out of his top bunk, Ryan “iced him back to health”. The two agree that they are there for each other through the physical and emotional ups and downs,.  They only have two rules they agreed on before they became roommates. The first is that Ryan always needs to make Connor’s bed because he is tall enough to reach the top bunk. The second rule, or more of a life motto, is that “you can sleep when you’re dead”.  Ironically, the two can often be found napping.

Connor and Ryan both agree that having each other made the transition to college much easier. Connor told me “Ryan Wall encapsulates Georgetown in his friendliness, helpfulness, and generosity.” And Ryan states that his favorite thing about Connor is “definitely his sense of humor”. The two team up to fight obstacles, from powering through late nights of studying to eliminating a Praying Mantis from their fifth floor Harbin suite. The pair has not yet encountered a major obstacle or fight. But they adamantly state that when tension arises they will deal with it, and such tension will only make their friendship stronger. If you are strolling through campus and happen to see a Sully and Mike like pair belting out either Ironic by Alanis Morissette or 500 Miles by The Proclaimers, then look for no further for you have found Connor and Ryan. Two students blessed with a friendship that will define them for years to come.

Elizabeth’s piece is one in a series of articles, titled “Love on the Hilltop,” that will run until Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s a bond with a person, place, or keepsake, these articles highlight the unique relationships of Georgetown students. Stay tuned to Halftime to see what other relationships Hoyas are celebrating this February 14th.

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