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Carrying On: Becoming friends at a distance

Amanda Chu and Natalie Chaudhuri tell the fabled story of their friendship—from proseminar classmates to Voices editors to quarantine best friends.


The Weekly List: Ryan & Watson Edition

Ryan and Watson are kinda the same person—and that’s really okay. They’re living in the same building for two years running, they have the same job title for the Voice... Read more


Stripped: Intimacy Directors

In this wholesome episode of Stripped, Emma Francois and Isabel Lord sit down with special guests Kayla Hewitt and Katie Randolph to talk about their mentors in sex and fashion... Read more


The Friendship Vow: In Sickness and in Health?

The power of my story compelled me to write this piece. But my parents reminded me what having my full name attached to an honest description of my illness would... Read more

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea: Stripped Edition

In this episode Kayla and Max are joined by the lovely and talented hosts of Stripped to discuss friendship dynamics.   Jingle:


Friendship Knows No Age

Let me tell you about my friend. Just like the start of many friendships at Georgetown, we met in class. We got to know each other and started scheduling lunch... Read more

Halftime Leisure

HONM: The Twins from Santiago

“Yeah, the bar exam, I need to take that, and then I’ll be ready.” “Ready for what?” “Anything.” Tomás and Filipe are twins many miles from home. Coming from Chile,... Read more

Halftime Leisure

HONM: College Roadtrip

“It’s not grey— it’s silver!” Emily carries with her a gym bag and a camera, nonchalantly slung across her shoulder. When she smiles for the camera, her cheeks nudge her... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Love On The Hilltop: An Unrivaled Camaraderie

Not many Georgetown freshmen room with their best friends from high school, and many that do regret their decision. After all, living in such close quarters with someone can test the... Read more