To the Georgetown community

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February 20, 2015

To the Georgetown community,

Earlier this week, the Georgetown Voice printed a cartoon depicting two GUSA executive candidates in a horse costume being beaten by two other GUSA executive candidates. The persons in the suit were a black man and a white woman. The persons on the attack were both white men.

The Georgetown Voice would like to issue an official apology for the cartoon. Choosing to publish Page 13 as printed was a major oversight by the editorial staff. Disregarding the racial, gendered, and violent context was a fault. We fully understand the severity of our actions and hope to amend our relationship with all who have raised a discussion about Page 13.

Our intentions were not malicious. The cartoon was intended to satirize the quantity of criticism the Wadibia-Cheney ticket received during the campaign. The issue of our intent is not the problem, however. Rather, the issue is the history belying the image. In the coming weeks, we intend to take serious measures to improve our treatment of race and gender. We invite anyone to submit opinion pieces critical of our actions for print or webbing. We sincerely hope that we can make amends with those who we have wronged during this process. We have officially retracted the cartoon.

We have made a mistake. We know that an apology cannot take back what we printed but we hope that we can work on our relationship with minority communities in the future. Moving forward, the Voice will more proactively seek to engage a wider group of people in order to better our understanding of the issues at stake.


The Georgetown Voice

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Please post the cartoon so we can see what you are apologizing about.


It can never be seen again — two people inside a horse costume is just too inflammatory for Georgetown students to handle.