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Off-campus restaurants you could use

July 31, 2015

As the semester goes on, pretty much every Hoya gets tired of Leo’s or Epicurean. However, every Hoya should be grateful by the fact that they live in one of the country’s most culturally vibrant and diverse cities. While by no means exhaustive, here is a handy list of eateries and places to try some delicious and affordable food.

Around Georgetown

From M Street to the front gates, students need not walk far to grab a sandwich or a fancy sit-down dinner. See also our list of late-night eats on the weekends around the neighborhood.

Wiseys: Just two blocks away from campus, and known for its greasy sandwiches like the Chicken Madness and the Hot Chick and its Oreo cookies. It has a sister restaurant on Wisconsin Ave., serving breakfast and healthier options.

Wingos: If you’ve ever had a fetish for greasy fried chicken, you’ve come to the right place. Choose your sauce from a sliding scale from “lemon pepper” to “suicidal.” Bonus: check out its Twitter account for a secret word on Wednesdays. Say that secret word at the cashier and get your order for 50 percent off.

The Tombs: A Georgetown institution. Look out for great food in a packed basement and dandy seniors in the 99 Days club. If you possess your parent’s credit card, check out 1789, which oozes fanciness.

Five GuysNational chain that serves hamburgers, cajun fries, and veggie sandwiches on Wisconsin Ave. Open until 4 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays and serves free peanuts and water if you just can’t be bothered to cough up money.

Mai Thai: A favorite of clubs that want to order fancy takeout food for their meetings. Pad Thai, fried rice, and sushi are popular offerings. Bonus: you can get a free meal there on your birthday, but it gets awkward with your friends because you’d be inviting them to a dinner where they have to pay but you don’t.

Good Stuff EateryGreat burgers and great milkshakes on the side of M Street that’s close to campus. Toasted Marshmallow, Milky Way Malt, and Salty Caramel Kiss are all popular milkshake options.

Chipotle: The place for Americanized Mexican fast food, featuring guacamole and burrito bowls. Particularly busy during lunch hours: the queue for the food can extend all the way to the entrance.

Shophouse: Chipotle’s Southeast Asian cousin, featuring curries, peanut sauce, noodles, and rice. Their corn is particularly delicious. Although it’s located at the other end of M Street near Foggy Bottom, look out for free coupons that many university departments distribute at events that justify the relatively long walk there.

Sweetgreen: Started by a bunch of Georgetown alumni and is now a national chain serving delicious salads and frozen yoghurt. Don’t be fooled by the small shack on M Street: get a delicious signature salad to go or create your own. If you prefer to chat with friends over salad, there’s a bigger shop on Wisconsin Ave.

Pizzeria Paradiso: Hand-tossed, wood fired dishes and a massive selection of fresh toppings that puts Leo’s pizza to shame. Plus, it’s conveniently located on M Street. Also check out its other Italian fare.

Booeymonger: This quaint sandwich shop has cheap and delicious breakfasts—a Henny Penny egg and bagel sandwich is only $3.50—and lots of speciality sandwiches for a price that you can hardly find anywhere else. Try not to look amateur while you wonder at the vastness of its menu.

Baked and Wired: If you’ve ever spotted the long line at Georgetown Cupcake, don’t join it. Instead, continue onto Thomas Jefferson St. where you’ll find this delightful cafe selling a wide assortment of baked goods, including cupcakes (that they liked to call “cakecups,” because why not), and coffee. Georgetown students tend to judge those who like Georgetown Cupcake.

At Dupont Circle

Easily accessible from campus, Dupont has a wide selection of fancy restaurants. Each fall and winter, the city hosts Restaurant Week, where you can get a two-course lunch for $25 and a three-course dinner for $35 at over 200 participating restaurants. Readthe Voice‘s Leisure section for reviews of new area restaurants as well.

Oki bowl: Newly opened this spring. Curry ramen and authentic Japanese appeitzers are favourites. Read our review here.

&pizza: This fast-growing pizza chain in the D.C. metro area just opened a new place at the south of Dupont Circle. Think of it as a sweetgreen for pizzas. Choose from signature pizzas, or just make your own by customizing your toppings and sauce, and watching your dough get baked in an oven in front of you. Read more about how some Voicestaffers decided to mingle there.

Nandos: Also located at Dupont South. Serves delicious marinated chicken for an affordable price. A casual place to hang out with friends and colleagues and to get drinks.

Shake Shack: Originally began as a shack in New York City, and now a staple of the Northeast, including D.C. While its burgers are small and not as fulfilling as the ones from Five Guys, vegetarians and mushroom-lovers may delight in its ‘Shroom burger, which consists of a deep-fried portobello mushroom loaded with melted cheese. Also try its frozen custard, which could serve as a meal on its own.

Farmer’s MarketDupont is also host to a year-round farmer’s market every Sunday morning, where you can grab fresh produce and try out homemade dips.

Props to Marisa and Jamie for previous versions of this post.

Photos: Georgetown Voice

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