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Club Lau: A Preview

September 3, 2015

Image: Georgetown University Library

This coming Saturday, hundreds of students will be stuck in Lau scared and pressured as the night grows darker. No, it’s not because professors have scheduled midterms for next week already. It’s because Club Lau is here.

Located on the third floor of Lauinger Library, Club Lau is a dance held for students who want to know what a live demonstration of what the term ‘ratchet’ means.

And honestly, I’m pretty sure I would prefer midterms.

Well, Club Lau isn’t all about hook ups and awkward flailing of the human body. Plenty of brave souls enter to access some of the relatively good food that the librarians serve. You’ll have to get there early though, or the heat from the crowd will make the food start sweating. Even if you get there early, by the time you leave, you might not be able too. Getting through that crowd and into freedom might be harder than getting a Welcome Back Jack shirt.

Despite everything about Club Lau, it is, still, something that every Georgetown student should attend. It’s like taking your first shot of tequila—you know what it’ll do to you, but you want to experience for yourself what will happen. You might get to have some fun with the cute person you met during NSO. Just know that the extent of your relationship after Club Lau will probably be awkwardly giving that person your GOCard everytime you go into Copley… or Darnall… or McCarthy… or basically anywhere a student guard can be. That’s what they mean by it’s never NSOver.

In all seriousness though, Club Lau is a very interesting first taste of what parties can be like at Georgetown. Just take all the people in Club Lau, put them in a room one-fifth of the room in Club Lau and you have the average Brown House party, with less dancing and more hooking-up.

And remember: have fun, condoms aren’t nearly as expensive as babies, keep a buddy, and no means no. And only no. It will never mean anything other than no.

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