Why I Hate Floyd Mayweather and You Should Too

September 15, 2015

Before you start reading this, I want to make one thing clear: I’m not a hateful person.

When I was a little boy so many years ago, my mom used to look into my big brown eyes and tell me, “Robbie, hate is such a strong word.”

Mom was right– hate certainly is a strong word– and I don’t use it lightly.

With that being said, I can’t think of a word that more accurately conveys my feelings towards one of my generation’s most prominent professional athletes.

I HATE Floyd Mayweather.

Yes, he’s the most decorated fighter of all-time. He’s the most dominant technical boxer that I’ve ever seen, and I can’t think of another athlete who has dominated his or her sport quite as long as “Pretty Boy” Floyd has managed.

I don’t loathe him solely because he may be the greatest technical fighter of all-time; that would be unfair.

I do, however, feel that my animosity towards Floyd is much more plausible and justifiable. Then again, I guess that you can be the judge of that yourself when (if) you manage to scroll down to the bottom of this piece without giving up on me, clicking that little “x” or returning to your mindless procrastination on Facebook.

Still reading?


So that I can astutely convey my contempt for Mayweather, I’m going to break down my hate for Floyd into two divergent and equally important categories: Why I can’t stand Floyd inside of the boxing ring, and why I can’t stand Floyd outside of the boxing ring.

Let’s give this a shot.

Why I can’t stand Floyd inside of the ring

I can’t think of another professional athlete who has made dominance in his sport look quite as easy as Mayweather has in boxing.

But for a moment, let’s consider this: a 49-0 professional record is incredible, but how has Floyd cut corners in order to bolster his case for best pound-for-pound fighter of all-time?

Throughout his career, Floyd hasn’t ever been concerned with giving boxing fans the fights that we’ve truly desired. He’s had several opportunities to fight against some of the greatest fighters of our generation while they were at the top of their games, and time and again he’s avoided fighting this iconic class… at least while they were in their primes. Instead, he’s always seemed content with fighting boxers of lesser talent, padding his record (and his bank account) fight-by-fight like a middle school bully stealing money from a first grader, while incessantly bleating that he’s the best fighter who’s ever lived.

What bothers me about how Floyd has danced around some of the greatest fighters of his generation is this: only in professional boxing can an athlete have the power to protect his own legacy in such a way. Floyd’s fight selection within the past three years has been akin to LeBron James waking up one morning last June and saying “well, actually, I don’t really feel like playing the Golden State Warriors for the NBA title. I’d much prefer to play the Pretzels from New Berlin High School in Illinois.

LeBron will never have the luxury of playing the Pretzels in the NBA Finals.

Conversely, Mayweather always had the luxury of choosing who he wanted to fight and, most significantly, when he wanted to fight them.

Though Floyd defeated some of the greatest boxers in modern day history– namely Oscar De La Hoya, Shane Mosley and Manny Pacquiao– he only fought each of these boxers when they were either out of their prime (Mosley and De La Hoya) or had displayed considerable vulnerability in other fights (Pacquiao). Just as his defensive techniques often had him dancing around his opponents in the ring, he dodged one of the greatest boxing matches of all-time when he refused to fight Manny Pacquiao in 2009. Instead, he patiently waited until Pacquaio had lost a controversial decision to Timothy Bradley and was knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez.

Oh, also, did I mention that Floyd is guilty of throwing the biggest suckerpunch in the history of professional boxing?

Do you agree with me yet?

Well, if not, let’s continue.

Why I can’t stand Floyd outside the ring

Though there are several glaring reasons why you too should detest him outside of the boxing ring, including that he’s one of the most arrogant and disrespectful athletes of all-time AND the fact that he has been the highest paid athlete in the world for the last four years running, there is one final reason why I can’t stand the Mayweather: he has a very well-documented past of beating women.

From 2001 to 2010, Mayweather was accused of domestic violence, assault or battery in four different cases, and by four different women.

In 2010, Floyd was alleged to have beaten his ex-girlfriend and the mother of three of his children after learning that the woman, Josie Harris, was carrying on a relationship with an NBA player. Mayweather allegedly snuck into her house in the middle of the night, pulled Harris out of bed by her hair and then hit her in the face several times while she screamed on the bedroom floor. When their children woke up alarmed, Floyd threatened to beat his 9-year-old and 10-year-old sons if they called the police on him.

After he was arrested, Mayweather pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault and harassment.

Though this was not nearly his first incident with the law and it was his fourth time being accused of assaulting a woman, Mayweather served just two months in prison for the offense.

He’s a well-known misogynist, and a haughty one at that.

In September of 2014, when reporter Rachel Nichols asked him to comment on the many accusations that he had treated women violently, he responded in the most Floyd Mayweather fashion possible.

“Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. When it’s all said and done, only God can judge me.”


In closing, Floyd Mayweather will go down as one of the most iconic athletes of my generation. He’s been utterly fantastic in the ring, and I guess he was okay on Dancing With the Stars.

But with his history of domestic violence coupled with his smug personality and dirty tactics in the ring (I know you saw that Victor Ortiz knockout), I don’t understand how anyone can possibly LIKE the guy.

If you still like him and you’ve read this far, you probably lied and skimmed this entire piece. For the love of God, please go back to the top and read this again.

If you’re still #TeamMoney, at least I can say that I tried to talk some sense into you.

“Hate” certainly is a strong word, but I feel like Momma Ponce would probably agree that if there’s a professional athlete who is completely deserving of my spite, his name is definitely Floyd Mayweather.

So for these reasons and more, I hate Floyd Mayweather, and (if you’ve got a logical bone in your body) you should too.

(Photo Credits: Flickr user So Max O)

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MayVinci Code

Well as my name suggested I love Floyd money mayweather in and out the ring , you should be ashame of yourself for spreading hate but I wouldn’t expect anything less from a person like you who is perfect “lol”.logical people don’t hate but you and logical must never be used in same sentence.


So let me get this straight…the guy who has fought more world champions than any other fighter in history, has always taken the easy way out!

Floyd didn’t choose who he fought until he left Bob Arum in 2006 and became his own boss, before then he didn’t have a say and was involved in many wars.

You’ve failed! It’s pretty clear you know nothing about boxing and choose to write a story about a guy sure to get reads. Next time choose substance over clicks!


so your saying when he asked his fans who he should fight between maidana or Khan, and the fan base picked Khan but he still decided for maidana. That’s not choosing who he wants to fight? uh huh…


I’ve argued with all types of boxing fans including Mayweather fans. Don’t try arguing with one because they won’t admit anything and don’t care what you think you won’t gey anywhere. With me it’s on and off with Floyd. I hate him now but 5 years ago I didn’t have a problem. But this writer is right. Floyd first off has turned into the most arrogant, ignorant, selfish, cheap, asshole athlete I’ve ever seen. He has been convicted of women abuse multiple times, smoking weed on camera, allegations of him paying off judges, and now taking banned substances! Yet all of these issues are secretly brushed under a rug. Mayweather has a huge amount of power to the point where he can get away with almost anything. He is also one of the only boxers I’ve seen get away with fighting people at their worst. Mosley was old, Hatton was a weight class below, Marquez was 2 weight classes below and that was when Marquez lost to Pacquiao! Cotto was washed up, Dela Hoya was old and I thought he won! Maidana I thought won as well as Castillo. He could’ve fought Khan or Pacquiao instead he fought who was thought to be not as good as them he fought Maidana and although Maidana proved to be a lot better than we thought it was still a cowardly move to face the thought to be least dangerous. Same with Andre Berto he had Khan, Brook, Lara, GGG, and maybe even Cotto and Canelo available but instead he took… Berto. Pacquiao I felt won at least 6 rounds in the fight and also was when Pacquiao was older and slower when Mayweather could’ve fought him years ago. Its the truth that Mayweather fans deny but that’s the whole truth. I feel Mayweather is a good boxer but not a great one.


Pacquio Refused to fight Floyd in 2009, not vice versa. There was no mention of banned substances in the IV, but rather the IV itself that was the issue.

With all of the people in the world who’ve far worse things than Floyd, have you chosen not to hate/write about them ?

Remember, Floyd didn’t get to choose who he fought until he broke with Top Rank. By that time he was 34-0. Even then, he did not choose De La Hoya. It was the other way around..

Also, who cares what “commonsense” thinks. I’ll remind him that Cotto is the middleweight champ. Your opinion on which fights you thought Floyd lost is pathetic. Floyd called out Mosley as early as 2002. In addition, if you don’t think Victor Ortiz got what was comming to him, then it is you, not me, who is biased.


One reason I dislike him is because he has brainwashed lots of people and most people that are similar to him in believing in him and accepting him and not realizing what is actually happening. Floyd to boxing is like gangsta rap to hip hop. Here are some things that are actually happening. True enough, Floyd skipped over several real champions in their prime. This is what Floyd does. He chooses fighters that have 1) reach disadvantages, 2) speed disadvanges, 3)Fighters that are willing to take a payoff for him to fulfill his legacy (Ortiz, Mosley, Canelo, Berto). I think it would be wise of him to make his 50th fight with a young broke Keith Thurman. I’m sure if he paid Thurman 5 or 10 million, he would take the dive. Think about is, how many times have you actually seen Floyd fight anyone taller than him (reach advantage) or anyone nearly as fast, or even a good southpaw. I give him credit for taking the chance with Pacquiao, but it was unfortunate that Pac had a shoulder injury. That would have been Floyd’s first loss, maybe even by KO. Reason he won’t fight Khan is because Khan does not need Floyd’s money, he is wealthy, and he surely won’t take the dive for Floyd. Wake up people!

Michelle Ponce

I did teach you that hate was not a good thing… That being said, a pro boxer who hits a woman is a real chump. I did teach you right from wrong, go team robbie.


7 comments!!!…lol..articles about teacups garner more views…


I can’t believe anyone would pay to see him. I don’t bother to even watch his fights. I don’t even want to watch his inside home fights with his GF. He can’t engage in the ring. But can in his home. I’m sorry, boxing is boxing. He not boxing. he runs and doesn’t engage in a fight. Okay, there times you can box on the outside and never fully engage. But every fight. Its boring. He would have been laugh by the “KINGS OF THE RING.” Sugar toe to toe with Duran was a fight and duran won. 2nd fight sugar was such a joke. Never engaging and just showing he can’t be hit. So what? Box! Box! Great fighters of the past would have never gone anywhere in their career if they use Floyd way. ppl think he better than SUGAR RAY ROBINSON. OMG, Sugar Ray Robinson came to fight. Thomas “hitman” Hearns would kill Floyd in the ring at his prime.. Floyd vs sugar ray Leonard would have been a good fight. Both fight a lot like each other. Outside the ring speaks for himself. When Ray Merchant said to his face that he KICK HIS ASS, tells you what he thinks. Floyd was disrespectful to him. He a loser. I don’t watch anything on him. He just a rich loser and Rich bum


He no Purnell ” SWEEt PEA” Whitaker. Sweet Pea would have destroy him and make him look like fool. Sweet Pea beat his dad, Roger Mayweather


I hate that guy with all my heart. Your article just reinforced it. I want to see Iron Mike break his little face. He is a dirty little bastard and I can’t stand him. I would spit in his face if I ever saw him. Thank you for writing this article. Mayweather is a disgrace to the boxing world.


I actually grew up in his neighborhood. I went to school with his nieces and nephews. Hate is such a strong word, but he is an asshole. I saw younger people who looked up to him wanting autographs and he was completely rude. He made it and started looking down on others. And how he calls himself the greatest fighter that ever lived like fighters before his time never existed. And didn’t he get beat up by 50 cent????