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The Weekly List: Braving the Rainy Weekend

October 1, 2015

Hello friends! So it looks we on the east coast are bound for a rainy weekend as Hurricane Joaquin slowly lumbers in our direction. But hey, sometimes having a few days in can be a nice break from the hustle and bustle. So slip on your best groutfit, order take out and get your Netflix warmed up; Halftime presents, The Weekly List: Braving the Rainy Weekend.

“Crash Into Me” – Dave Matthews Band

I think everyone could use a little DMB in their D-A-Y. Use sparingly. All puns aside, this mellow track uses beautiful, but ever-so-nineties acoustic guitar to soothe the musical soul. Dave’s folky vocals into the pleasant whisper on the word “crash” really solidify this track’s well-deserved fame.

“It Never Stops” – Bad Books

Comprised almost entirely by members of the band Manchester Orchestra, Bad Books serves as a fantastic, indie folk-rock outlet for a band used to playing their music fast and loud. “It Never Stops” takes a relaxed approach to the traditional Manchester Orchestra inundation of sound. Beginning with single voice over plucks of the guitar, it soon builds into a satisfying, rich tale of love and the work that it requires.

“She’s Got You High” – Mumm-ra

Debatably made famous by its appearance on the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack, this perfectly bubbly British track is a cheery outlook on falling in love. Everyone can use a little hopeless romantic optimism on a bleak and stormy day. Bring out your golden, Joseph Gordon-Levitt-esque smile and dance around the living room for awhile.

“Just Me Before We Met” – Noah and the Whale

A few more of our dear British friends bring us another track to bring a smile to the faces of every listener. Combining soulful vocals with a bit of violin work, Noah and the Whale is a great means of braving the storm.

“Stop Your Sobbing” – Pretenders

Stop crying we know it’s wet outside. Momentarily ignoring my vague interpretation of the title, this semi-upbeat track brings fun, fast rhythm guitar over Chrissie Hynde’s harmonic demand for less sadness.

“The Wolves (Act I and II)” – Bon Iver

Frankly speaking, I have almost never clearly understood what Justin Vernon is singing in his beautiful Bon Iver lyrics. This slow and eerie track is simply a channel of emotional sounds. Howling vocals, acoustic guitar, and synth that builds to the point of exploding make this track  great background noise for the somber moments of a dreary day. The repeating chorus “What might have been lost, don’t bother me” (I needed to Google this for translation) ends the song with a message of strength and the will to continue on.

“Vacation Vacation” – U.S. Royalty

Based out of our very own Washington D.C., this band graciously took time out of their busy schedule at Landmark Music Festival this past weekend to speak to the Georgetown Voice staff. As a present interviewer, I can only describe the band as bunch of great, easy-going guys with music to match. “Vacation Vacation” is a song that feels a bit more subdued compared to many of their other more indie-rock works. If you’re looking for that song to remind you of a mellow, introspective day at the beach, search no further.

“A Summer Song” – Chad & Jeremy

Lets bring the playlist back about 50 years or so for a moment. Chad and Jeremy’s classic 60’s soft folk song is an immortal source of optimism. Their gorgeous harmonies cannot help but uplift your spirits and remind you that the sun is going to come out after all this rain.

Thats it for this edition of the Weekly List. Halftime hopes you stay dry and enjoy your weekend!


Michael Bergin
Mike Bergin is the former executive culture Editor for the Georgetown Voice. You can follow him on Twitter @mbergin95

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