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The Georgetown Voice Survey: The Best of Bond

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November 4, 2015


In honor of the Voice’s Bond week leading up to the premiere of Spectre, coming to the big screen on November 6th, Halftime has taken a poll of what the Voice staff thinks of Ian Fleming’s series as a whole. Through our four question poll, we have discovered what the Voice believes to be some of the greatest aspects of this 50-plus year franchise. Without further adieu, Halftime presents to you a Voice polling: The Best of Bond.

Our first question asked our staff about the series of amazing, sometimes reality-defying, gadgets that 007 uses to thwart super villain after super villain. Owing a great deal of thanks to Q and his associates back at MI6, James certainly would’ve died long ago without the help of these inventions. Ultimately, the Voice has decided to give the title of best gadget to the trick briefcase invented by Q in the film From Russia With Love. This dangerous survival kit snagged 21.7% of the vote. The briefcase had a close rivalry for first; both Bond’s Crocodile Submarine (Octopussy) and his Anti-Shark Gun (Live and Let Die) took 17.4% of the vote for a two-way tie for second place.


What Bond film is complete without a few beautiful, yet extremely dangerous, women in the mix? Although one can call James’ easy seduction a tad ridiculous by modern standards, these “Bond girls” are a staple of the series. When asked to declare a champion amongst these dangerous vixens, the Voice ultimately named Pussy Galore from the Sean Connery installment Goldfinger the greatest femme fatale of the series. Her 39.1% majority was only rivaled by the gorgeous Vesper Lynd (Casino Royale).


For the sake of simplicity in this vast series, we have decided to make a joint poll for Bond henchmen and villains. Every Bond film requires at least one antagonist, often several. They can range from eccentric, evil millionaires to evil-genius terrorists, but either way Bond always seems to outwit them. According to our polling, the baddest of these sinister counterparts was Oddjob, Auric Goldfinger’s hat-wielding henchman. Oddjob’s employer shared a four-way tie for second place with Red Grant (From Russia With Love), Le Chiffre (Casino Royale), and Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the Head of Spectre.



Although a relatively uncontroversial topic in our polling process, this question is the most important of our poll: who is the best James Bond? With six actors and a 24th film coming out at the end of this week, the series makes one wonder who best filled the role of 007. And the winner is… Sir Sean Connery. The original Bond himself defeated his successors with a strong 56.5% majority of the vote. The hero of the most recent Bond films, Daniel Craig, took second place with 30.4% of the Voice’s favor. Perhaps percentages will change after Spectre joins the mix. Until then, the Voice raises its martinis to the man who started it all. Sean Connery, you will forever be the first international man of mystery.



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