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Finding His Voice: Jason Berry reflects on college and career

As the Voice nears our 50th anniversary in March 2019, we are looking back at our history, alumni, and life after the Voice. Jason Berry (COL ’71) arrived at Georgetown... Read more

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The Georgetown Voice Survey: The Best of Bond

In honor of the Voice’s Bond week leading up to the premiere of Spectre, coming to the big screen on November 6th, Halftime has taken a poll of what the... Read more

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The Weekly List: Shaken, Not Stirred

Any good James Bond fan knows that each installment in this espionage franchise is incomplete without its signature song. In its own way, each track strives to capture the essence... Read more

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Voice at Landmark: In the Valley Below

Landmark day two was kicked off by the California-based trio In the Valley Below. The band took the stage early this afternoon for the day’sfirst round of concerts. Hailing from... Read more


After The Georgetown Voice: 2003

For our last issue and last chance to work together, the graduating seniors at the Voice wanted to take a look at where various Voice alumni are now. From various graduating classes, we found not only journalists, but an attorney and even a professional clown.


Inside Campus Journalism at Georgetown

What is Campus Journalism? Campus police officers have been forced to protect student newspapers at Brown University after 4,000 copies of the campus paper was stolen due to a controversial... Read more