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The Weekly List: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

October 31, 2016

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a show about a woman who dropped her fancy job in New York City and moved to California in the hopes of reconnecting with her summer camp boyfriend. The show is incredibly funny, and it also happens to be musical. The songs don’t just help keep the show moving; they’re great to listen to in their own right. In honor of the show’s return for its second season, here are ten of the first season’ best. I recommend watching on YouTube to get the full effect, but you can also listen via Spotify below.

  1. Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury – Rachel Bloom

This one’s not actually part of the show, but it is important. It’s the first song on Rachel’s YouTube channel, which was how her co-creator Aline Brosh McKenna discovered her. “Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury” exemplifies Rachel’s style: never uncomfortable and always hilarious.

  1. West Covina – Rachel Bloom

Named after Josh’s hometown, this song from the first episode solidifies the show’s premise in musicals’ typical expository yet catchy way. Rebecca is moving to West Covina because it’s so sunny and happy—and Josh just happens to live there. “West Covina”’s choreographing and shooting across multiple locations shows Crazy Ex-Girlfriend will go all-out on its musical numbers.

  1. The Sexy Getting Ready Song – Rachel Bloom

As the title suggests, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend subverts many aspects of the traditional romantic narrative. “The Sexy Getting Ready Song” adopts the genre to highlight how ridiculous this kind of suggestive montage trope can be.

  1. A Boy Band Made Up Of Four Joshes – Vincent Rodriguez III

I’ll admit that I enjoy the occasional Backstreet Boys song from back in the day. Rebecca’s trying to relive her past with Josh, so it only makes sense to take the music back to the 90s. Some things should stay in the past, but this particular boy band merits the callback.

  1. Settle For Me – Santino Fontana

Greg’s “Settle For Me” is a lot like him: mostly charming, but also a little pathetic. Inspired by traditional Hollywood musical numbers, this swinging duet might just get you hoping Rebecca chooses Greg. (Honorable mention: Vella Lovell’s wise reprise)

  1. What’ll It Be? – Santino Fontana

Greg gets two songs in my playlist because hey, not everything is about Rebecca. Greg has his own life and his own problems. This Piano Man-referencing ballad will resonate with everyone who’s ever wanted to get more out of life.

  1. Group Hang – Rachel Bloom

“Group Hang” might seem too bizarre for newcomers, but you could look at it as a metaphor for the whole show. What’s so Crazy Ex-Girlfriend about the song is that it ostensibly criticizes the pseudo-Mexican restaurant setting while itself being a catchy pseudo-Mexican song.

  1. JAP Battle – Rachel Bloom & Rachel Grate

The “JAP Battle” rap is one of my favorites. Rebecca faces off against her long-time nemesis Audra Levine, now a reflection of her past self. Laden with Jewish in-jokes, this rap battle also gets big laughs poking fun at liberals and white privilege.

  1. Flooded with Justice – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast

This one goes out to all you theatre kids and Les Mis fans out there. You’ll get it.

  1. Gettin’ Bi – Pete Gardner

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has one of my all-time favorite B stories: after Rebecca’s middle-aged boss gets divorced, he discovers that he’s actually bisexual. That revelation threw him for a loop at first, but he’s… getting by.

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