Carlos Miranda


The Last Days of Judas Iscariot Pushes a Deeper Question

The name Judas is universally recognizable. Though it has obviously gained recognition through centuries of retelling the story of Jesus of Nazareth, it has become synonymous with one word: traitor.... Read more

Halftime Leisure

The Weekly List: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a show about a woman who dropped her fancy job in New York City and moved to California in the hopes of reconnecting with her summer camp... Read more


Miss Peregrine’s is Dark but Unspectacular

On a tiny grey island in Wales, there is a colorful home for children. These children are peculiar; they have unique qualities that make it hard for them to live... Read more


Hanks Soars in Sully’s Gripping Story

News concerning airplanes in New York City is rarely positive, as one character knowingly recalls in Sully. Yet, this film, starring Tom Hanks, uses recent history to make flying exciting... Read more


Weezer’s White Album Fails to Innovate, but Lyrics Stand Out

Eight years and four albums later, Weezer has returned to their tradition of color-themed self-titled records with Weezer (White Album). Producer Jake Sinclair told Rolling Stone he wanted to return... Read more


Critical Voices: Lake Street Dive, Side Pony

If there’s one word to describe Side Pony, it’s different. On the cusp of mainstream success, Lake Street Dive has refused to repeat themselves and this record takes their sound... Read more


Critical Voices: Elton John, Wonderful Crazy Night

Friday saw the release of Elton John’s thirty-third studio album. Wonderful Crazy Night is his first since 2013 and the first to enlist the Elton John Band (guitarist Davey Johnstone,... Read more


Snow, Snow, Snow: Improv Worth Braving a Blizzard

Despite the blizzard of a lifetime raging outside, students crowded into Bulldog Alley for the Georgetown Improv Association’s sold-out show. The audience quieted in anticipation, but once Caitlin Cleary (COL... Read more


Ferrell and Wahlberg Reunite to Butt Heads in Daddy’s Home

Tension caused by a biological father‘s return home to meet his kids’ new stepfather may be a familiar theme to many, but director Sean Anders raises it to absurd proportions... Read more