The Phone Booth: A Rough Week

November 20, 2016

Tyler Pearre

On this episode of The Phone Booth, host Tyler Pearre discusses the first week of the Georgetown basketball season with guests Santul Nerkar and Jorge DeNeve. The trio analyze the first three games of the season, the upcoming Maui Invitational, fan reaction, and where to place blame for the team’s slow start.

Tyler Pearre
Maryland native and D.C. sports fan. Forever romanticizing the days of Antawn Jamison and Gilbert Arenas circa 2007.

Jorge DeNeve
Los Angeles native. Still wondering where the Galaxy went wrong and decided buying Jermaine Jones was a good idea.

Santul Nerkar
Santul is the Voice's former executive culture editor and Halftime Sports editor. Follow him on Twitter @SantulN to become one of his rare few followers.

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