Mack/Andino win GUSA executive election

February 24, 2017

Photo: Kamar & Jessica for Georgetown

On Feb. 26 at 2:06 a.m., the GUSA Election Commission announced on Twitter that Kamar Mack and Jessica Andino won the 2017 GUSA Executive Election. Mack/Andino won in the fourth round of voting with 1160 votes, 34 more than Garet Williams and Habon Ali’s 1126 votes.

2557 votes were cast, according to the GUSA Elections Twitter account. 38% of the student body participated in the election, a decrease from the smoking referendum held on Dec. 1, 2016, which saw 41% of the student body participate.

After the first round of voting, Williams/Ali were winning over the second-place Mack/Andino with 919 and 796 votes respectively, with Matthews/Matz in third place with 649, Franke-McGuire with 87, and 88 votes spread across write-in candidates. All write-in candidates were eliminated in the second round, and Franke/McGuire were eliminated in the third round, as Williams/Ali maintained its lead with 958 votes to Mack/Andino’s 829 votes. Matthews/Matz placed a distant third with 686. Mack/Andino surged into first place after Matthews/Matz was eliminated in the fourth round with 1160 votes, and the GUSA Election Commission declared victory for Mack/Andino after the fourth round.

Kamar and I are humbled to have been elected to serve the Georgetown students,” Andino wrote in an email to the Voice. “We are excited to make our vision of a fresh GUSA into a reality and are looking forward getting to work as soon as possible.”

Of the four Senate races on the ballot, Sam Granville (COL ‘18) won the Off-Campus race, Sarah Griffin (SFS ‘18) won the East Campus race, and Chloe Phillips (SFS ‘17) and Nick Zeffiro (SFS ‘18) won the South Campus race.

The GUSA Election Commission also reported that the voided referendum concerning the restructuring of GUSA would have passed. 69% of voters voted in favor of the restructuring, 31% voted against it. The GUSA Constitutional Council had previously voided the referendum and did not allow the Election Commission to release the results to the public, but on Feb. 18, the council upheld its ruling on the referendum while allowing for the release of the results.


Graham Piro
Graham Piro is a former editor-in-chief of the Voice. He isn't sure why the rest of the staff let him stick around. Follow him on Twitter @graham_piro.


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