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Weekly List: Lazy Sunday

April 17, 2017

When a hectic weekend of ~fun~ winds to an end, there’s a sweet spot between the chaos of your last two nights and the chaos of your week to come. A lazy Sunday functions as a remedy and a recharge, calmly resetting the flow of daily life. Here’s a compilation of songs that sit somewhere between languid and zen, with jolts of rhythmic energy along the way to excite you for the week to come.  

1. “Slip” – Eliot Moss:

This track carries a soft beat that ties together a sullen, smooth rhythm with an eerie melody. It’s simplistic and chill, just as your Sundays should be.

2. “Loyal” – 6lack:

Taking a darker turn, this song opens with a repetitive piano key beating behind 6lack’s pledge of loyalty that he doesn’t feel in return. About halfway through, the song transitions to a forefront and active beat as his indignation solidifies. Use this song to pick up the beat of your lazy day.

3. “4422” (feat. Sampha) – Drake:

Drake’s new compilation, More Life (2017), carries an uncharacteristically tropical vibe throughout its 22 tracks. This lethargic song from the album is no exception; its smooth melody lead by Sampha calmly plays over a melancholy island beat.

4. “Lips” – the xx:

This hit off the xx’s latest album ties together the melodies of the band’s two lead vocalists while a cool array of low electronic beats accompanies them.

5. “Breathe (In the Air)” – Pink Floyd:

If there were ever a message to appreciate the laziness of your Sunday, this song would be it. Taking a turn from the preceding sullen tracks, this song leaves you with a pleasant suggestion to “breathe in the air” and enjoy your day amid life’s chaos.

6. “Sober” – Childish Gambino: This song rides a pleasant wave straight to the sunny beaches of Kauai (given the title of the EP to which it belongs). Its relaxing beat leaves a smile on my face, as it hopefully will to yours as you breeze through your lazy day.

7. “Lose Yourself to Dance (feat. Pharrell Williams)” – Daft Punk:

Picking up the pace a bit now, this is a chilled-out funk track that pairs a steady guitar riff with funky electronic elements. Its steady and uplifting beat will help you gather your energy for the week.

8. “Location” – Khalid:

This track is the embodiment of a sunny Sunday afternoon. Khalid tells you to “ride the vibrations” of the day as his soft melody plays with a melange of upbeat drums and strings.

9. “Empire Ants (feat. Little Dragon)” – Gorillaz:

To conclude your lazy Sunday, ride the initial soft current of this Gorillaz track. The current picks up speed about halfway through the song, and its soft tune matures into a controlled yet electrifying beat. Your lethargic day has come to an end, and you can end your day with the upbeat aura of “Empire Ants” as you prepare for the week to come.

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