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Weekly List: Pups in the Park

May 1, 2017

Summer is upon us! And there is nothing more summer than heading to a baseball game. If you’re in D.C. for the season, go to Pups in the Park at a Washington Nationals game. I went this weekend and it was an absolute blast. It’s everything fun about baseball: the food, the game, the energy of the crowd, the songs, and the seventh inning stretch. But add in dogs everywhere because on this day you can bring your dog into the ballpark. Dog lovers, prepare yourself for one of the best days of your life. Here’s a playlist inspired by all things baseball and Pups in the Park.


  1. The New Sports Ensemble: “Take Me out to the Ballgame”

A classic baseball tune. This particular version transports you straight to the stadium, with the crowd cheering (and at times booing the opposing team), opening announcements, and the vendors traveling through the stands. Unfortunately, the crowd in this version doesn’t seem very into singing, so you’ll have to fill in the lyrics yourself.


  1. Whitney Houston and Florida Orchestra: “Star Spangled Banner”

Baseball is America’s pastime, and it’s hard not to feel pride for our country once the opening notes of the Star Spangled Banner swell. Yes, Houston didn’t sing this version at a baseball game, but let’s put that aside to admire its beauty anyways.


  1. The Beatles: “Twist and Shout”

Just a few innings in, and the crowd is still trickling in. “Twist and Shout” is the song the stadium plays as the teams switch positions on the field. An American classic in its own right despite its English origins, it contributes to the summer fun atmosphere of being at the ballpark.


  1. Baha Men: “Who Let The Dogs Out”

Here’s a song in honor of the sheer number of the pups at Nationals Park this weekend. If you weren’t aware of the event and wandered down into the doggie play area this song’s title would surely be the question on your mind. There were Chihuahuas, Great Danes, Australian shepherds, Westies, golden retrievers, and every breed in between present.


  1. Sam Hunt: “Body Like a Backroad”

I have yet to attend a baseball game where Sam Hunt isn’t played. I guess pop-country and baseball just fit well together. This song is also guaranteed to get at least a few people dancing in their seats.


  1. Queen: “We Will Rock You”

It’s bottom of the sixth inning, the fans are getting a little antsy. This song, remastered as a chant at most games, requires no musical introduction: just an overzealous group of fans who are waiting for their team to win.


  1. Meat Loaf: “Paradise By the Dashboard Light”

This song is more like four songs in one, and maybe one of the strangest songs I’ve ever heard. Over its entire 8 minutes it takes the listener on an emotional roller coaster. It uses a baseball game as a storytelling device, describing a player running the bases, just not the baseball kind if you know what I mean.


  1. Yusuf / Cat Stevens: “I Love My Dog”

Just a silly song about the simple love of a human for his dog. This song is perfect for anyone who is a fan of Cat Stevens’ kooky dog, or I guess just loves their dog a whole lot!


  1. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: “My Oh My”

Hidden deep within Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s The Heist (2012) is this gem of a song. It showcases Macklemore at his best as he spins personal stories into rhythmic lyrics, this time conveniently about baseball. He recalls playing pick-up ball games with his friends and huddling around the radio listening to Dave Niehaus announce Mariners games.


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