Concert Preview: Mac DeMarco, Sept. 5, The Anthem

August 22, 2018

McBriare “Mac” DeMarco is a Canadian singer­/songwriter, multi­-instrumentalist, and producer from Edmonton, British Columbia. DeMarco started his musical career in early high school where he participated in several groups, including indie rock band the Meat Cleavers, alternative R&B group the Sound of Love, and post­punk band Outdoor Miners. After several years working in Vancouver as part of the the garage­ noise/punk rock project Makeout Videotape, he moved to Montreal in 2011 to begin his solo career.

Although his first couple years proved difficult—he participated in medical experiments and worked for a road paving crew to make more money—his innovative blend of indie and psychedelic rock with jangle pop and low­-fi quickly caught attention. In 2012, Captured Tracks announced the signing of DeMarco and soon after he released his first EP Rock and Roll Night Club.

Concurrent with the debut of his new record label, Mac’s Record Label, DeMarco is jumping on a US tour for his two most recent albums, This Old Dog (2017) and Another One (2015). Known for using vintage equipment like a 1970s Fender Stratocaster and Japanese synthesizers like the Yamaha DX7 and a Korg Microsampler, his show is sure to deliver original and genre-­blurring sound, a sound he ­identifies as “jizz jazz” and what reviewers describe as “off­-kilter pop” or “folk rock.”

Mac DeMarco will be performing at The Anthem on Wednesday, Sept. 5, with an opening performance by Juan Wauters. Doors open at 8:00p.m. Further information can be found here.

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