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Catching Up With the Kardashians’ Latest Drama

March 1, 2019

“He was a boy. She was a girl. Can I make it any more obvious?” said one of the wisest poets of our generation, Avril Lavigne.


Just kidding. This is Kardashian news—nothing is ever that simple.

The latest scandal to rock the Kardashian world may be one of the most shocking: the Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson hookup. Almost everyone, across all forms of social media, has an opinion. After you read this article, you, too, can weigh in on the debacle.


First up: the players. Because this is Kardashian-stakes drama, you know there are many. We have Khloé Kardashian, the father of her child and Cleveland Cavaliers athlete Tristan Thompson, and, finally, Jordyn Woods, a rising model who is also the best of friends with Kylie Jenner (who happens to be Khloe’s half-sister).


Here’s what happened. I guess you could say this particular problem (aren’t there always tons in Kardashian Land?) started way back in last April, when paparazzi found videos of Tristan Thompson in clubs, partying and kissing other women, during Khloé’s pregnancy. After all was said and done, Khloé ultimately decided to stay with Tristan for the sake of her family. Her decision was not well-met, with a lot of fans criticizing her choice. Flash forward to this month, when news broke that Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods were at Thompson’s party—getting pretty cozy. Jordyn didn’t leave his house until 7 a.m.


So far, the rumors say that Khloé has broken up with Tristan for good, Kylie has asked Jordyn to move out, and Jordyn is now claiming that she was “blackout drunk” at the party. However, her story doesn’t seem too solid, and anything she says will undergo intense dissection on the internet. She first told Khloé that she went to keep an eye on Thompson, but that’s not exactly how it turned out. When Khloé directly confronted her about the rumors, reports say Woods admitted what really happened. Sources also say that partygoers were instructed to turn their phones off and weren’t allowed to take pictures while Woods was at the party. Many factors are still only under speculation.


Whatever the case is, it’s a tough situation all around. Tristan betrayed Khloé again after she stayed with him to try to make it work for the sake of their family. Not only that, but he cheated with Kylie’s best friend. And I mean best friend. The two seemed inseparable. They have been on vacations with each other, Jordyn appeared on Kylie’s TV show and collaborated on a Kylie Cosmetics collection, and, up until now, the two lived together.


My thoughts:

1) How sad for Khloé, but Tristan hasn’t exactly been totally thoughtful in the past (I mean, news of his cheating broke right before Khloé gave birth to their daughter, True). Although it’s painful to watch Khloé go through this again , Tristan’s true (no pun intended) character is definitely fully exposed now. There’s no room for doubt now.

2) It seems like many are jumping at Jordyn’s throat. While it seems highly unfair not to blame Tristan as well, I think that the main reason for the fire aimed at Woods is because she’s one of the last people we would have suspected to be found with Tristan. She is close with not only Kylie but with the rest of the family, too. The public still seeks the answer as to why she would have done this because her current excuse isn’t finding favor.

3) Poor Kylie! She’s more than a bit stuck between her best friend and her sister. However, she hasn’t revealed anything yet.

4) Oh, Jordyn… What a mess you’re in! Even if it was a mistake, you’ve still got a rocky road ahead of you.

5) Yes, I realize other things are happening in the world, but you’ve got to admit, this is pretty crazy (and crazy addicting)!


So…what’s happening now? All the information coming in is mostly from indirect sources, such as comments from unnamed sources and Instagram/Twitter likes and posts. The media has been pouncing on the Kardashians’ social media accounts because that’s where we get our news now. Currently, only Kris and Kylie follow Jordyn. Khloé and her best friend Malika have been posting life quotations, and Khloé briefly thanked her fans for their concern. But all in all, nothing is certain. That is until Jordyn Woods makes a highly-anticipated appearance on Jada Pinkett Smith’s show Red Table Talk this Friday. However, her non-disclosure agreement with the Kardashian family still exists and prohibits her from talking about the family, so we’ll see what happens when it airs…


Emma Chuck
Emma is a senior in the College majoring in English.

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