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The Weekly List: Music Perfect for the Movies

March 13, 2019

I don’t know if it’s just me, but there are songs that I listen to and immediately think would be perfect in a film. Whether it’s a coming-of-age comedy or an intense thriller, here are eight songs that would be killer on a film soundtrack.

  1. “Diane Young” by Vampire Weekend

This song is all about its energy. It’s lively and impossible not to dance to. It would be perfect for a scene of carefree fun between girlfriends or a family bonding moment in a coming-of-age film.

  1. “F.U.B.U.” by Solange

“F.U.B.U.” has a soulful, chill vibe. This, combined with lyrics that emphasize blackness, would fit well in a film with a black female protagonist. It’d be nice in a scene where she’s at a get together or hangout, something lowkey to fit the mood.

  1. “American Pharoah” by Jase Harley

Much like “Diane Young,” this song brings energy, but in a completely different way. I feel the anger and frustration in its tone so vividly that I almost want to start a revolution listening to it. I can imagine a scene in which someone black is listening to it, walking quickly past groups of white people—highlighting the contrast. I could even see it being mixed well to use in a thriller.

  1. “Old Pine” by Ben Howard

This song is calming, and I actually think it would be a perfect trailer song for, once again, a coming-of-age movie. It’s sweet melody brings up feelings of growth and maturing. There’s a point where the song picks up at the four-minute mark which I could see fitting the part of the trailer where they say the cast of the film.

  1. “October” by George Ogilvie

Much like “Old Pine,” a specific part of this song makes me think it’s perfect for a romantic scene in a film. Near the four-minute mark, the song gets quiet, making for a perfect, private, intimate slow dance scene between two characters who are falling in love. Cheesy, but cute.

  1. “65th & Ingleside” by Chance the Rapper

A montage. This song is perfect for a montage. What kind of montage? I don’t know, but Chance’s quick, smooth vocals scream a montage scene to me.

  1. “Beach Boy” by Aminé

Another perfect trailer song that in my mind can go one of two ways. The first half of the song could be a really nice (once again because I love this genre) coming-of-age trailer song, about a girl with a really big family. I don’t know why that’s the vibe I get. Or, especially with the last half of the song when it gets haunting and quiet, if mixed right, this could be a really good horror movie trailer song.

  1. “Joy” by Sleeping at Last

This song is perfect for the scene where the protagonist begins to overcome their struggles. It builds up so well to a satisfying, triumphant chorus that works for any scene in which the character is victorious in whatever battle they are facing.

Dajour Evans
is a senior in the College and former leisure editor for The Georgetown Voice. She is an English major and a film and media studies minor who actually knows nothing about film and media.

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