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Hilltop Horror: How accurate was the Exorcist?

How accurate was the exorcist? Tune in to hear Lucy and Elspeth discuss the original possession that inspired the iconic 1973 horror film, contemplate the presence of the paranormal, and... Read more


Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse weaves a perfect web of story, style, and sound

Woven into Across the Spider-Verse's colorful animation and humor is a deft exploration of the complexities of morality and destiny.


Childhood movie-watching: A cultural expectation that should be gone with the wind

But this standard, American way of bonding can be inherently exclusionary in nature. Those who didn’t grow up watching movies certainly wouldn’t have a vast library of films to reference, which comes at the danger of being labeled “uncultured.” Yet, this apparent unculturedness only manifests when viewed through a traditional American lens—perhaps failing to adhere to American cultural expectations doesn’t suggest a lack of culture, but a different one altogether.


What happened to the movie theater intermission—and could we please bring it back?

What happened to the movie intermission? Where did they go, those 10-15 minute breaks in films when the lights would rise and you could (finally) debrief the first half with your friends? Today, when you watch an old film with a built-in intermission, it feels like a relic from an era when actors spoke with mid-Atlantic accents and the credits rolled at the start of the movie. 

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The completely objective, undeniable list of the top 10 films of all time

Since the dawn of cinema, critics have time and again tried and failed (miserably) to come to a consensus on what truly makes a brilliant film. From timeless storytelling to... Read more

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I watched all the 2023 Best Picture Nominees so you don’t have to

Content Warning: This article includes references to Sexual Violence. Listen, I get it. Who cares about the Oscars anymore? This year’s nominations saw several great pictures snubbed. Babylon (2022) and... Read more


The true crime of ‘true crime’

The rise of true crime in popular culture has prompted novel conversations about how we depict killers and victims in storytelling.

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The Weekly List: 10 movies that are not horror, but might as well be

Happy spooky season!! It’s time for orange-creme filled oreos and carving Jack-O-Lanterns! I am not a big fan of horror movies— the dark is scary enough for me—but I can... Read more


How Shang-Chi fulfilled my childhood dream

I don’t want to be *that* Asian American raving about Shang-Chi and its nearly all-Asian cast. But as a Chinese-American woman who once flirted with the entertainment industry myself, I... Read more


“Does anybody have a map?” Dear Evan Hansen struggles to bring stage to screen

Content warning: Dear Evan Hansen discusses suicide Well, like it or not it is here: the long-awaited film adaptation of the smash-hit Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen. Theater fans may... Read more


The Suicide Squad combines the absurdity of comics with heartwarming characters

To some degree, superhero stories are inherently silly. Whether from the basic concepts behind beloved heroes and villains or the general absurdity of scenarios presented in their weekly adventures, each... Read more

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10 of the best movies about baseball

Roman is a Giants fan. Annie is a Dodgers fan. By the rules of all things sacred, the two of us should not be friends. Yet somehow, we are, even... Read more

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Beyond Awards Season: Underrated media from 2020

Most people measure a year with a calendar, but for movie and music buffs, a year is defined by its films and albums. With the COVID-19 pandemic creating a ripple... Read more

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Malcom and Marie: A Failed Attempt at Pretentious Artistry

The phenomenally high expectations surrounding the first quarantine-produced film Malcom & Marie set the audience’s hopes far too high for the actual outcome. With a cast of just two—albeit a... Read more

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The Weekly List: The Best of Brad Pitt Eating

There is so much to love about Brad Pitt: his heartthrob phase in the 90s, his charismatic leading roles in the 2000s, his work producing Oscar-winners like Twelve Years a... Read more


Minari studies the American dream through a Korean lens

“Minari is wonderful, minari is wonderful.” So goes the song that seven-year-old David (Alan S. Kim) sings as his grandmother, Soon-ja (Youn Yuh-jung), tends to the Korean herb from which... Read more

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Pixar’s Soul beautifully entwines the profound with the playful

Pixar specializes in embedding deep, existential lessons into gorgeously animated masterpieces, and Pete Docter has accomplished just this with Soul (2020). The film conveys a poignant message that all adults... Read more


Darius Marder makes hearing audiences the minority with Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal, the debut feature film from writer/director Darius Marder, is a sensory experience. It follows Ruben (Riz Ahmed), a drummer in a punk-metal duo with his long-term girlfriend... Read more


Promising Young Woman tackles complicated topics while maintaining a sense of humor

Content warning: This film discusses issues surrounding sexual assault  The opening shot sequence to Emerald Fennell’s directorial debut Promising Young Woman (2020) says it all. As the names of cast... Read more


The Welcome to the Blumhouse campaign serves as little more than a collection of entertaining and diverse but unremarkable horror films

If you like tacky horror movies, Amazon Prime is the site to stream this Halloween. Its set of films from the horror collection Welcome to the Blumhouse (2020) went live... Read more