Eileen Miller

Eileen is a sophomore studying Regional and Comparative Studies and an assistant Voices editor. She hails from a small island near Seattle and is a big fan of evergreen trees. When she isn’t writing coherent, fact-based Voice articles, she is writing nonsensical, absurd fiction.


To promote an ordinary life, Pippin promises an extraordinary show

On a campus where ambitious students obsess over finding the highest-paying job, Pippin encourages an alternative: a life that focuses on the little things.


The artistic side of Georgetown’s Asian American community flourishes with Autumn Leaves

It is 9 p.m. on a Wednesday in the middle of March and creative director Lucy Zhang (COL ’26) is untangling the significance of a project that demanded much of... Read more


Your Utopia deftly interrogates what it means to be human

Chung creates methodical, setting-driven, surreal slices of life that force the reader to reconsider the world they’re living in.


Folger Theatre’s Reading Room Festival reimagines and celebrates Shakespeare’s works

At Folger Theatre's Reading Room Festival, each playwright revealed how Shakespeare’s work remains ever-salient.


Post Pitch: An Ode to Short Stories

Welcome back to Post Pitch!  This week, podcasts producer Romy Abu-Fadel interviews our Voices writer, Eileen Miller, about her piece in this week’s issue of The Voice. Tune in to... Read more


A not-so-short defense of the short story

But putting economics aside, there is a wonderful beauty to the short story. With no hard rules on length, short stories can span from a few sentences to tens of pages. Free from the space requirements of a novel, the core element of a short story is brevity. It must avoid convoluted plots and unnecessary descriptions, focusing only on the essentials to bring a story across. Every word must count.


Boys in the Boat brings a Depression-era underdog story to the sport of rowing

The team's underdog status brings a sweetness to the film that is just enough to make you forget that you don’t know most of the rowers’ names.


With Betrayal, Nomadic Theater produced a strikingly intimate show

Nomadic’s stripped-back production of Betrayal still managed to draw the audience into an intimate web of complicated relationships.


Founders of the Satanic Temple speak on campus about free speech, government, and religion

Co-founders of the Satanic Temple Lucien Greaves and Malcolm Jerry spoke about their mission and activism on Oct. 16 in the HFSC Idol Social Room. The event was met with... Read more


Sometimes, I hate opinion columnists (and not just when I disagree with them)

Rather than a broad range of opinions being published, they are limited to those of a group of primarily white writers hailing from elite universities. Other perspectives, more relevant to other parts of the population, are ignored. But even if these columnists weren’t the products of predominantly elite universities and were more diverse, I would still have an issue with them: they simply exist.