Aminah Malik

Aminah is a sophomore in the SFS and current Service Chair. she loves the color green and anything that is a miniature version of a regular-sized thing.


Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse weaves a perfect web of story, style, and sound

Woven into Across the Spider-Verse's colorful animation and humor is a deft exploration of the complexities of morality and destiny.


Even as memory fades, joy remains

The problem is, people seem to think that for our family to be happy, we must have the experiences a typical family would have. But the reality is, my grandmother’s dementia isn’t going anywhere. It’s an illness that will only continue to get worse, and as a family we are limited by our responsibility to her. But that doesn’t mean we don’t find joy. Our joy simply deviates from the norm. It exists despite the coexistence of hardship.


Post Pitch: Joy as a Part of Hardship

Welcome back to Post Pitch. In this episode, Podcast Producer Jillian Seitz interviews writer Aminah Malik about her piece for the Joy Issue. Aminah dives deep into her writing process,... Read more


Searching for a smile: Reconsidering trauma narratives in media

Dominant representation of trauma-centered narratives paints a misguided image that happiness is rare—or even unattainable—for people of color.


Yes, I know where the masjid is

Hijabis are like the lighthouses of Muslims: We’re easy to see and people gravitate towards us when they have an Islam-related question.


Dear YA authors, I want my femininity back

The truth is, the traits these characters lacked, the ones treated as impediments to success, were exactly the ones associated with traditional femininity: emotionality, vulnerability, and empathy.