What is Love #1: Self-Love

February 14, 2020

Welcome to “What Is Love,” affectionately known as WIL, a podcast and project series rooted in the intellectual exploration of love and empowerment. We invite you to engage more deeply, by listening weekly, following our instagram @wil_podcast, and attending one of our social events. Be sure to spread the love, and tell your friends and family about the WIL Project.

This is the launch of the very first “What Is Love” Podcast! This week’s episode focuses on Self-Love. Are you a GU student trying to survive Georgetown’s clout culture, navigating the competitive environment within academics and school clubs, just trying to find a place? Are you a young adult, tired of social media and unreasonable body standards? Come explore how to build a better self, grounded in self-love and empowerment!

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