Why Can’t I Have a Straw and Other Complicated Questions: Episode 1, Plastics

March 26, 2021

"Why Can't I Have A Straw? And Other Complicated Questions" written on a marigold background. On the right is an animated glass of an iced green drink with slices of orange and green citrus slices, a few mint leaves and a brown straw are visible through the glass.

In this inaugural episode, Kayla and Maya discuss all things plastic. Welcome to the house!


Here is our resource guide! Check it out for more info on our sources, brands we’re excited, and steps you can take to live a more sustainable life.

Maya Durnal
Maya is a senior in the college studying Biological Physics and JUPS. She has a strenuous relationship with humor. And Jeff Bezos.

Kayla Nikc
is a senior in the college studying Biology of Global Health with a minor in linguistics. She likes plants, puns and plenty of naps.

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