Abby Sherburne


Women’s basketball preview: change at the top

While he might not have been here long, interim Head Coach Jim Lewis sure is happy to be joining the Women’s Basketball team. “Well, there’s no better place to be,”... Read more


Sporty Spice: NFL attitudes need to change

Two weeks ago, PBS released a long-anticipated Frontline documentary entitled League of Denial: The NFL’s Concussion Crisis. Journalists worked themselves into a frenzy over the sobering stories of former players... Read more


Sporty Spice: Back with a vengeance

2013 seemed like the end of the world for Boston sports fans. The year before was full of heartbreak: Ray Allen’s departure from the Celtics, a Patriots’ loss in the... Read more


Sporty Spice: Sports make us exceptional

Despite Vladmir Putin’s admonitions, encouraging American children to excel is neither dangerous, nor will it be the ruin of future generations, as Amanda Ripley argues in her “Case Against High-School... Read more


Sporty Spice: Olympics return to basics

While the Olympics have always been a spectacle, the ancient tradition seems to have attained a new level of media coverage over the last few years. The past few weeks... Read more


Sporty Spice: A change of pace for the Pats

I’ve been a Pats fan my whole life. Born and bred a New Englander, I’m devoted to the red, white, and blue of the Patriots. Seasoned sportscasters are still on... Read more


Sporty Spice: Sarsak’s stand refreshing

On the Internet, everyone’s a celebrity. From snarky Twitter accounts to anonymous blogs, the accessibility of news and production in the modern day has made it easier for individuals to... Read more


Sporty Spice: More bats, less stats

We need to stress the fun of playing and lose the “all-or-nothing” demeanor of our testosterone-fueled culture.


Religious plurality at Georgetown inspires contemplation

At Georgetown, religion is everywhere. And for me, whose only religious experience pre-college was a third-grade Christmas gift exchange in which I gave a teacher a Barbie I didn’t like, a Jesuit university was quite the jump. And while my Catholic friends here might remind me that this is “barely Catholic” in comparison to their private high schools, I feel the strength of faith everywhere I go.


Sporty Spice: The Saints go marching down

Unfortunately, over the next few weeks, we’ll all keep watching sadly as the Saints go marching down.