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The Hypocrisy of Baseball Apathy: Making a Case for America’s Pastime

On Sunday Night, the Kansas City Royals won the World Series after a gritty, drama-filled series including not only amazing comebacks and extra innings but also striking human interest stories.... Read more

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Five Halloween Costumes Inspired by this Week in Sports

The past few weeks have been filled with professional sports sagas telling of stories about anything and everything except the games themselves. Some tragic, some eyebrow-raising, and some downright hilarious,... Read more

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The Art of the Interception

Sports media exploded this Tuesday after this week’s rendition of Monday Night Football sported a combined five interceptions between quarterbacks Eli Manning and Sam Bradford.         What fans believed would... Read more

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Why Cooper is my Favorite Manning… And He Should Be Yours Too

The past few articles I have written have, in general, have been either criticisms or lamentations about the NFL…so, in order to prove to readers (but mostly myself) that I... Read more

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Zebra Hunt: The Problem with Today’s NFL Officiating System

There is one job in sports that, believe it or not, is more thankless than being an NFL kicker: being a game official. Whether in football, baseball or basketball, the... Read more


The Four Stages of Injured QB Grief

Anyone who has watched a football game or sports network in the past month has seen Verizon Wireless’ commercial featuring New Orleans Saints backup quarterback Luke McCown. The commercial, narrated... Read more