Amy Meng


Fantoms, Aliens, and Mutants: Promoting Social Consciousness in the Trump Era

From its modest perch above a Subway sandwich shop in Dupont Circle, Fantom Comics supplies D.C. with the newest and latest in the comic book world. But amid tales of heroic feats and epic galactic battles, this indie comic store aims to bring into the mainstream stories of even greater importance. Namely, that of marginalized minorities.Through its queer, women’s, and Black Panther book clubs, the store provides a forum for dialogue amongst members of marginalized communities. “I feel like Fant


Daniel Ellsberg discusses Pentagon Papers

On Feb. 16, former Department of Defense analyst and whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg gave a keynote address that unearthed fresh details on the historic Pentagon Papers controversy, including the surprisingly modest... Read more


Advocates speak on disability at Kennedy Institute event

On Feb. 2, the Kennedy Institute of Ethics (KIE) held its annual Conversations in Bioethics series examining disability through the personal narratives of six activists and scholars from the disability... Read more