Ana Smith

Ana Smith is a member of the College class of 2015. She majored in Biology of Global Health, premed, and minored in French.


Ouvrez vos yeux: Looking beyond the Paris terror attacks

We don’t care about Boko Haram. Last Wednesday, a series of terrorist attacks in France, beginning with the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, gripped the nation and the world. Millions... Read more


Carrying On: Activism across decades

My generation can be divided into two types of people: those who care about making the world a better place and those who just don’t. Of those of us who... Read more


In the shadows: Confronting sexual assault at Georgetown

  During spring break, John* (COL ‘15) was with four friends, all men, at a crowded club. As John and his friends moved toward the bar, two girls walked past,... Read more


Carrying On: Arizona, bringing back Jim Crow

“You can’t sit with us!” Gretchen Wieners screams across the table at Regina George. The veins on Gretchen’s forehead pop out in indignation. This scene is one of the most... Read more


ICC Galleria in redesign

Student leaders of the School of Foreign Service Academic Council sat down with representatives of the Office of the Provost last week to discuss their proposal to increase the amount... Read more


Georgetown BID releases 15-year plan

The Georgetown Business Improvement District announced its 15-Year Action Plan on Jan. 30, which proposes 75 action items that seek to improve transportation, use of public spaces, business, and accessibility... Read more


BMDT goes to work: Exploring women’s role in society through dance

Women contribute to every culture, every belief-system and every era, but is there one universal trait that binds them all together? Georgetown University’s Black Movements Dance Theatre seeks to answer... Read more


Carrying On: Financial aid stays within gates

Every year, Georgetown students organize their housing options for the upcoming school year, and, every year, Georgetown housing, through the intellectual miracle that is the points system, sets our fate... Read more


Fainting Goat, not all that baaa-ad

U Street has a sexy new attraction and it promises to make you swoon. The Fainting Goat, a new restaurant and bar lighting up U street, will serve you plenty... Read more


Carrying On: “Victim” label not an identity

We’ve heard nearly every side of the debate about how to properly treat sexual assault perpetrators and victims, but one. Victim-blaming, slut-shaming, we’ve heard it all. But we shouldn’t press... Read more