Brendan Baumgardner


Banksy makes bank in Exit Through the Gift Shop

There is a scene about halfway through Exit Through the Gift Shop in which notorious street artist Banksy shows filmmaker Thierry Guetta to the loft above his studio. He pulls a dusty cardboard box off of a shelf and pulls out a stack of bills–British pounds with Princess Diana’s head where the Queen’s should be.


Leh’zur Ledger: A descent into chicken madness

A strange power has overcome me, and I fear my time is short before I succumb. With my waning strength, it is incumbent upon me to document my tale, so that it may serve as a warning.


Hot wax and vinyl: Record Store Day

Valentine’s Day is a manufactured holiday created by the Hallmark Corporation. The “Christmas Season” pushes further into November every year. Arbor Day exists solely at the behest of a mysterious multinational pine tree conglomerate.


What makes a Provost? The notorious JO’D

When President John J. DeGioia is out of town, Provost James O’Donnell is responsible for greeting dignitaries that visit Georgetown. While an honor, it occasionally leads to a bit of confusion, like when a certain Governator spoke on campus.


Lez’hur Ledger: Adventure to the land before time

A Neanderthal woman struggles under the weight of the antelope slung over her shoulder, carrying it laboriously back to her family’s shelter.


D.C.’s “other” venues

Even though the first official day of spring isn’t until Saturday, this rash of warm weather we’re experiencing is a sure sign that the season is here.


Credit where credit’s due

The theater went dark and the credits began to roll. A tight, intense close-up of a hand-stitched notebook bulging with margin-to-margin scrawl appeared on the screen.


The Wolfman cometh, maketh a bad movie

Much like the titular monster, the arrival of The Wolfman was heralded by bad omens and concerned whispers. And whether you are a Victorian country dweller or a contemporary moviegoer, the proper course of action remains the same—stay away.


Nicklen’s picklens of arctic animals at Nat Geo museum

The Arctic is a place of contradictions. The tranquil beauty of the white tundra and the cool blue waters belies the harshness of the conditions.


Mel versus mobsters

A disclaimer: Edge of Darkness is not a rock opera based around Bruce Springsteen’s fourth album, Darkness on the Edge of Town.