Bradley Gorski

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The Future Journaling of Gordon Gladberry

I had to get away, to go somewhere where no one had heard of Gordon Gladberry, and start a life based on me, not my name.


Circular revolutions with line-breaks

Mark Z. Danielewski’s highly anticipated “Only Revolutions” shocked his loyal readership when it hit shelves. Three hundred and sixty pages of bright text with jagged linebreaks and sentence fragments make for dazzling if intimidating read.


Robin Williams gives students more pleasure than Hardball

When comedians take the place of politicians, it’s a wild ride, but nothing gets done. Barry Levinson tried to show it in his new movie Man of the Year. Robin Williams demonstrated it last Friday in Gaston. On Friday, Georgetown University was honored as the first stop along Chris Matthews’ Hardball College Tour.


Continuing the AIDS dialogue

Two playwrights walk out onto the sparsely set stage wearing black tank tops and black slacks, the audience left wondering what to expect. Is this the beginning?


Art galleries in the area

For lovers of art, and for those who pretend to be in order to impress the girls, the District has plenty of art galleries to offer. Georgetown’s campus hosts its own set of collections, and the Georgetown area is sprinkled with many more.