Caitriona Pagni


Corp debuts Hilltoss

The Corp’s new salad and smoothie shop slated to open in the Healy Student Family Center during the 2015-2016 academic year, The Hilltoss announced its first class of hires Tuesday... Read more


MSB supports rural entrepreneurship

Georgetown students now have the opportunity to build entrepreneurship in America’s rural communities through a partnership among the American Farm Bureau Federation, Georgetown University McDonough School of Business Global Social... Read more


Everyone can use the F-word, as long as you’re for women’s rights

Feminism is a dirty word. It accuses and it undermines. It passes judgment. It makes me squirm when I hear it. Frankly, it’s a bitch. I do not feel comfortable... Read more


Latin American Film Fest redefines ‘Nuestra América’

A special screening of Matías Piñeiro’s Viola opened the 24th AFI Latin American Film Festival last week. At sixty-five minutes long, Viola is on the shorter side. Yet, like many of the films showcased at the festival, it requires a substantial emotional investment from its audience by accumulating small moments and glimpses into an intimate narrative of the characters’ lives.


Life Beyond the Rainbow: LGBTQ at Georgetown

In the past year, Georgetown has been cited in national media as a trailblazer in LGBTQ issues for a Catholic university. Although seeing students sporting “I am” shirts and toting rainbow flags around campus feels as normal today to the average student as Nantucket Reds and Sperrys, activists say Georgetown still has a long way to go before it can truly call itself “gay-friendly.”


On the record with Jay Gruber: New campus open container policy

On Sep. 4, GUPD Chief of Police Jay Gruber sat down with the Voice to discuss enforcement of the new open container policy. Will GUPD be modeling the enforcement of... Read more


Changes at Leo’s to improve dining experience

This semester, the management of Leo O’Donovan Dining Hall has implemented several major changes to their dining options and vendor selections with the aim of creating a lasting change in... Read more


Federal budget cuts to harm research funding and financial aid

Sequestration measures passed earlier this year by Congress have led to a 5.1 percent funding cut from Federal Work Study programs, which will negatively affect financial aid and research spending... Read more


NSO will not have mandatory sexual assault workshop

This year’s NSO will not include a mandatory sexual assault education workshop, but instead will offer a voluntary sexual assault awareness social event.


A weighty issue: Eating disorders at Georgetown

One. Two. Three. I stood over the toilet, staring down a toothbrush clutched in my hand. I couldn’t stop. I drove the toothbrush to the back of my throat, and I doubled over and gripped the walls of the stall as what was once my dinner burned my insides.