Hamilton Steve


Loose Cannon: Beer is good, people are crazy

After the physical stress of 11 days of straight boozing that is add/drop week, my body was in some serious pain. I had clearly had around 15 too many Hot Chicks and not nearly enough sleep. I knew that the only thing that could make me feel like a human being again was a serious detox, but I wanted my detox to be something cool, trendy and obviously not something anyone else had done before. (Because if anyone else had ever done it, I would be just like every other unimaginative soulless pre-professional Barbour coat-wearing Georgetown student.)


Loose Cannon: Add/drop on the rocks

If you haven’t figured it out already, those precious days before school starts are the best days of the year—well, actually—of all of your short and wretched life. I’m not just talking about the days before Wednesday, Jan. 8 when classes “begin” because if we get right down to it real classes don’t start until add/drop stops. Yeah, that’s Jan. 18, which still is not upon us for all you fools who have already read a book or written an essay. Now, for you freshmen, I’m about to drop some real pearls of wisdom. Attendance or assignments simply are not mandatory until add/drop is over, and if your teacher insists that they “really are” just drop the class and add it back on the morning of the 18th (though I would recommend checking to see if there is a waiting list first before pulling such a bold maneuver). I actually don’t bother with pre-registration ‘til that last day of add/drop.