Claire Zeng


Carrying On: Gearing up for Graduation

Four years seemed eons away when I first stumbled onto the Hilltop as a confused freshman. Even now, with two months left before graduation, it is still hard to wrap... Read more


Saxa Politica: Hoyas need to set aside moral superiority

No doubt everyone is relieved this year’s Georgetown University Student Association elections are over. Out of the four GUSA executive elections I have witnessed, these were probably the most dramatic... Read more


Carrying On: The cognitive dissonance of false independence

Wednesday evening in Leavey 424 is always a party. But it’s not the typical kind of party. For instance, we do shots, but of espresso. There’s loud music, but we... Read more


Carrying On: The Inconvenient Truth about Fossil Free

Climate change is the challenge that will define humanity’s future. Devastating droughts and floods will be more common, and the developing world will be disproportionately harmed. Let me get something... Read more


Saxa Politica: Planning Georgetown’s Blueprint

It’s hard to not talk about the banging of construction, dust of drywall, and random road closures that will last for the next year. All this is driven by the... Read more


Trailblazing: A new path for collegiate scholarships

For much of its history, Georgetown’s student body could be summed up by four characteristics: white, Catholic, from the Northeast, and wealthy. While the image has shifted and student dialogue... Read more


News Hit: GCP releases complaint data from neighborhood

The Georgetown Community Partnership released data on the Student Neighborhood Assistance Program and Student Conduct outcomes for fall 2013. This is the first public data released by GCP on neighborhood... Read more


SFS junior, Mark Adamsson, dies over spring break

Mark Adamsson (SFS ’15) passed away during spring break while traveling with classmates in the Dominican Republic. His death was caused by lung and heart failure, according to Georgetown Director... Read more


News Hit: ResLife introduces new housing selection policy

The Office for Residential Living announced multiple changes to the housing selection eligibility process that will take effect for the 2015-16 academic year housing process. “The key changes are that... Read more


GUSA executive campaigns kick off

Campaigns for the election for Georgetown University Student Association executive launched Thursday at midnight and will run until the election on Feb. 27. The four tickets in the race are... Read more