Dayana Morales Gomez

Reel Talk: Leave it to the imagination


As an industrious college student, there’s nothing I love more than killing time by watching movie trailers. Something about the instant gratification and cheesy melodramatic music really gets me going.  I tend to watch trailers multiple times, both before and after watching the movie. Beforehand, I think of them as my introduction to the actors…

University mandates third-year housing requirement


In an effort to finally address neighborly concerns of off-campus student misconduct, the University announced a new policy mandating students to live in on-campus housing for three years, thus moving the riff raff back on to campus. Beginning with the class of 2017, students will be guaranteed housing eligibility for either their junior or senior…

Reel Talk: History repeats itself, almost


With Hollywood running out of ideas, there has been a resurgence of historical films. In the past two years alone, we’ve seen blockbuster releases such as Argo, Dallas Buyers Club, Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty, 12 Years a Slave, and then some. Film is an accessible medium. Its quick and lasting impressions are appealing to everyone…

Watergate Italian warrants inspection

Watergate Italian warrants inspection


Richard Nixon brought notoriety to the Watergate complex almost half a century ago when he sent his henchmen to break into the Democratic National Committee headquarters. Fortunately, the building still stands today, and we’re able to march on in to buy pizza and sandwiches. Campono is the second restaurant owned by chef Bob Kinkead, who…

Anderson’s volcano film fails to erupt

Anderson’s volcano film fails to erupt


Guy is bad. Guy likes girl. Girl is in trouble. Guy becomes good so he can help girl—pretty much every rom-com you’ve seen this year, or ever. It seems counterintuitive that these terribly boring clichés would be so abundant in a film that markets itself as an epic drama. Paul W. S. Anderson’s new film,…

In/Finite Earth exhibits artistic expression


When I think of artists with disabilities, I tend to imagine Chuck Close, photorealist artist paralyzed from the waist down, or any other artist with the kind of disability I can visibly see. In/Finite Earth: A National Juried Exhibition for Emerging Artists with Disabilities, gives a stage to young artists with disabilities across the spectrum…

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