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Strip Zone

One can imagine the list of priorities that each member of the DC Council drew up after the November elections: improve the public school system, encourage development east of the... Read more


Hoya paranoia: Fan-tastic

Georgetown Basketball. As Forrest Gump says, “It’s a household name.” But these days, for the first time in several years, Georgetown’s players are also household names. Repeat after their ESPN... Read more


The Sports Sermon

If you go to a Wiz game down at the MCI Center, beware of those signs declaring the coming of “The Jordan Effect.” Not just because it’s a pitiful and... Read more


Behind the success

First and foremost, when talking about the Hoyas huge turn-around this year, one has to take a look at their age and experience. While most Division 1 basketball programs lost... Read more


Watch Seton Fall

The men’s basketball team continued its undefeated streak to “open” the season with a convincing road win over No. 19 Seton Hall Monday night, 99-91. Junior point guard Kevin Braswell... Read more


GU Welcomes VT to Big East

A sign in the stands may have said it all: “Welcome to the Big Time, Virginia Tech. This is Big East Basketball!” For the past several season that sign at... Read more


A ‘D’-licious matchup

Alright, I admit it. It’s a little sad, really. In fact, some people (read: psychologists) might think it’s a bit odd. I’ve been asked in probably a hundred assignments to... Read more