Ida Dhanuka

Wanted: One True Friend, Must Like Ghosts

Wanted: One True Friend, Must Like Ghosts


My roommate Caroline and I were convinced our room was haunted. Since we had moved in, there had been a series of strangely supernatural occurrences. Posters and curtain rods we hung up kept falling down. The lights flashed eerily at strange times of day. One time, Caroline came back to find her favorite teacup in…

Critical Voices: Damien RIce, My Favourite Faded Fantasy

Critical Voices: Damien RIce, My Favourite Faded Fantasy


My Favuorite Faded Fantasy, Damien Rice’s third album, is a refreshing, introspective twist on Rice’s usual, breathy laments on love and heartbreak. His first album since his move to Iceland, My Favourite Faded Fantasy shows remarkable introspection and personal growth, although Rice doesn’t entirely break away from his trademark pitfall of overwrought romanticism. Some of…

Critical Voices: The Last Bison, <i>Inheritance</i>

Critical Voices: The Last Bison, Inheritance


Folk band The Last Bison’s appropriately-named second album, VA, was written in a cabin in rural Virginia, and it feels like it. It takes abundant technical skill to marry the band’s own kind of musical complexity with rusticity, but the group accomplishes it skillfully. Perpetuating the brand of mountaintop chamber-folk that made their last album,…

Critical Voices: Tweedy, Sukierae

Critical Voices: Tweedy, Sukierae


Sukierae, father-son duo Jeff and Spencer Tweedy’s first album, plays like a twenty track long jam session, with all the good and bad that implies. The duo, going by the name “Tweedy,” takes a relaxed, meandering approach to music. It’s a guitar heavy album with experimental prog-rock leanings, wistful, classic rock overtones, and the occasional…

Critical Voices: Tennis, <i>Ritual In Repeat</i>

Critical Voices: Tennis, Ritual In Repeat


With the sun still shining and term papers nowhere in sight, Tennis’s third studio album, Ritual in Repeat, is the perfect soundtrack to lazy Sundays on Copley Lawn. Ritual in Repeat is a continuation of  Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley’s brand of nostalgia-kissed indie-pop. This time, they show more maturity, while holding onto their characteristic…

Critical Voices: Sinkane, <i>Mean Love</i>

Critical Voices: Sinkane, Mean Love


Sinkane’s second LP release, Mean Love, is a jungle of dense, atmospheric instrumentals and smooth vocals. Sinkane, the solo project of Ahmed Gallab of Caribou and of Montreal, draws influences from synthpop to funk to shoegaze, with jazzy rhythm and world percussion thrown in. This thick soup of influences is tempered with lyrical simplicity that…

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